Tips: Do n’t change milk for your baby frequently

Tips: Do n’t change milk for your baby frequently

Some surveys show that mothers have already thought about which brand of milk powder to feed their babies before they are born, but data also show that many mothers choose to give their babies the influence of friends ‘advice and business activities during their growthReplace milk powder.

Flavored whole milk powder reminds mothers: it is not appropriate to frequently change milk powder for babies.

Especially in the recent wave of milk powder storms, some mothers love children and pay close attention to milk powder, so they can change the milk powder for the baby and pursue a peace of mind.

Who knows that this will not only bring peace of mind, but will likely make you more worried.

  It is not suitable for infants and young children to continuously replace milk powder, which should be noted by all mothers.

Infants and young children are still in the initial stage of development, the expected function of the body is not complete, and the digestive system is therefore, so it is more sensitive to changes in food, and it is more difficult to adapt to changes in conversion, especially for important foods such as milk powder that are in daily contact.

Therefore, it is not appropriate to allow the baby to switch to milk powder. This will bring a burden on the baby’s immature digestive system. Generally, the baby cannot adapt to it and may experience diarrhea, constipation, crying, allergies and so on.

If parents think that the baby is really unsuitable to consume milk powder somewhere, they can consider changing the brand, but it must be clear that this is an over-the-top process, it must be carried out step by step, and it should be considered that it should not be replaced with other products with large varieties.

  Do n’t change the milk powder too quickly for your baby. You can combine the “new and old” method, that is, add the new milk powder to the original milk powder. The amount can be gradually increased from the beginning. The amount can be increased slowly in the first half.The baby has a process of adaptation, which can be moderately accelerated in the second half until it is completely switched to new milk powder.

For example: at the beginning, add some new milk powder to the old milk powder, about 1/4, eat for 3 to 4 days. After the baby has no adverse reactions, mix 1/3 of the new milk powder in the old milk powder, and eat for 2 to 3 days.Then, the old and the new milk powders should be eaten in half. When the baby can adapt after eating for a day or two, you can mix the new 2/3 to eat for a day or two, and then directly feed the baby with the new milk powder for about one and a half weeks.To a large extent avoid the discomfort and adverse reactions brought to the baby by changing milk powder.

  It is worth noting that some mothers believe that the so-called milk powder change is to switch between different brands of milk powder. In fact, you must be cautious when switching between products of the same brand and different demands.

Different requirements between milk powder products will bring different stimuli to the baby, so there is a principle to avoid changing too much between the different types of milk powder, so that the baby should eat milk powder to help digestion. When choosing a new milk powder,It’s better to consider products that appeal to digestion.

  Tip: Moms can choose a suitable baby product and stick to it for a long time.

Now some brands of milk powder on the market will specifically design products for the different needs of different age groups of babies, suitable for long-term consumption during the growth of the baby. The Super series of whole milk powder is one of them.

In 1987, with the assistance of pediatric expert Dr. Chen Jionglin, biochemical authority Dr. Huang Bochao and American medical doctor Leonard, designed the most suitable protein and gadolinium composition and content for different needs of babies at all ages after birth, and strengthened taurine.Sour, L-carnitine, developed a full super series of infant formula, officially opened a new era of three-stage infant feeding model.

Moreover, Weiquan Super Series milk powder is specially designed for the baby’s underdeveloped digestive system, which can help the baby to digest and absorb better. For infants and young children in the golden stage of development, good nutrition absorption is crucial.Needless to say.

  In general, choosing the right choice is still the most important for the product. I believe in professional technology, choosing trusted brands and products, and the trouble of changing milk powder naturally disappears.