To know,Last life,At this time and place,Qiao Tianyu met his beloved wife Lily,Love for a lifetime。

It’s a pity that Qiao Tianyu was reborn three years ago,Lily passes away,I left Qiao Tianyu with infinite thoughts and pain。
If God opens his eyes again,Can Qiao Tianyu meet Lily again,The two once again joined hands for a lifetime,Even if Qiao Tianyu didn’t live in vain in this life。
“on fire!on fire!on fire!.”
as expected,Exactly as Qiao Tianyu remembered,4:43 pm,A fire broke out in Lily’s villa,The fire engulfed the entire villa within seconds。
“hold on,hold on.”
Looking at the flaming villa in front of me,Qiao Tianyu’s heart suddenly touched his throat,The muscles of the whole body became tight,Sweat can’t stop flowing down。
However, Qiao Tianyu knew it was not a good time to save people.,hold on。
But Henry on the side is not calm,He was shocked when he saw this,Get out of the car and fight the fire,But was grabbed by Qiao Tianyu。
“hold on!”
“What are you waiting for?Don’t you burn people to death when the fire is so big?Hurry up and put out the fire!”
Henry is a warmhearted,Regardless of Qiao Tianyu’s persuasion。
But Qiao Tianyu was a little relieved when he saw this,It seems that I did not look at the wrong person this time,This buddy is still pretty good in nature。
“All right,Let you wait you just wait,How can there be so much nonsense!”
Qiao Tianyu’s natural power,He pulled Henry back with a little effort,Qiao Tianyu calculated the time accurately,He doesn’t want this stupid boy to ruin。