Muzi was afraid he would fall,Had to support him,Helped him out of the fence and said to the old fox,“master,I will carry you out,But promise me,Don’t do these things anymore, okay?”

Muzi still naively thought that the old fox could reform,Re-behave。
After hearing Muzi’s words at this time,The old fox’s heart is full of disdain,He can’t be reformed,What he wants is to strengthen his strength again,Kill Qin Feng,But he wouldn’t just say it directly。
The old fox pretended to be pitiful and said to Muzi,“Look at the master now,There is no way to do anything bad,I just want to go out and stay alive。”
“If you continue here,Qin Feng will torture me to death。You can’t bear to watch the master die,right?”
Muzi nodded after listening,“Master, I will send you out now。”Then Muzi carried the old fox on his back,And then walked out from another channel。
He did not directly go to the passage in the cherry blossom view,He didn’t want Qin Feng to know that he released his master。
Although Qin Feng will definitely know in the end,But at least he doesn’t want to confront Qin Feng head-on,After all, it will only be him who suffers like that。
And Muzi knew he was wrong to do this,But after all, he can’t pass the barrier in his heart,After all, he helped Qin Feng find this factory before,Now he can only repay his master’s kindness。
Muzi sent his master to the village。
“Put me down。”The old fox on Muzi’s back said at this moment。Muzi only listened and slowly put his master down,Let him sit under a big tree。
“Master, where are you going?”Muzi asked the old fox。The old fox did not immediately answer Muzi after listening,But after a moment of silence, he said to Muzi,“You go first,Since then, you, my master and apprentice have been cleaned up。”
After speaking, the old fox pushed Muzi away,Then stood up,Tremblingly walked out to the small road out of town。
And Muzi looked at the lonely shadow of his master,Want to say something,But I don’t think it can be said,It ends here,They are also cleaned up。
So Muzi stood there quietly looking at the back of his master,Slowly drifting away from his eyes,Finally made a small turn,Disappeared from his eyes。
And Muzi was still standing there, watching from a distance,Stopped for a while before turning away。