Want to be with you。”

Widow Liu also said very explicit words all at once,But her eyes kept flashing,Because she knows she shouldn’t be like this。
Where did Jiang Yan and Qin Feng go?,That was also spread by others。
This person is naturally Lin Qianqian,According to this woman,That is Qin Feng and Jiang Yan are going to settle in the provincial capital,If nothing happens,Don’t continue to contact them。
This is why most villagers sell houses,They don’t know what Qin Feng thinks of this village,But when they wanted to sell the house,Suddenly got such a news,This thing has changed。
“Ok,Are you ready,Call me directly anyway。”Qin Feng doesn’t talk too much nonsense,People already have this mindset,He said nothing is necessary。
Widow Liu nodded shyly。
But the current situation,Qin Feng also needs more information,So he went straight to find Yunxiang。
Now Yunxiang has also set up a few houses and offices in the village,He hasn’t rested much for several days。
Because Qin Feng planned too many things,So they also have to start work day and night。
“boss,what happened?”When Yunxiang saw Qin Feng appear,He asked in a bit of astonishment。
He really didn’t know the news of Qin Feng’s return,He originally thought that Qin Feng would need a few days?
“Do you know the situation outside?”Qin Feng looked at Yun Xiang with some doubts,Under normal circumstances,These things should be reported, right??
“know。”Yunxiang said without thinking:“Just in the rules you set,These guys did not violate,And you mean let them buy,So I didn’t pay attention to that much。”
Yunxiang is not shirking responsibility,But Qin Feng really didn’t ask for such a situation,That’s why he said that。
Qin Feng understands this too,He sighed and said:“These guys probably want to get everything in their hands,Tie me up then,You can understand this kind of thing?”