Fang Yu speechless。

This medicine,It is also a product of a pharmaceutical company under the Yongyun Group。
“Since there is nothing wrong……I’ll go now!”
Fang Yu returned the car key to Hu Yili,Slowly。
“Remember to come tomorrow……”
Jiang Wan’er reminded。
“You don’t plan to finish eating today?”
Fang Yu hesitated。
This tangerine peel,Can’t eat like this!
“Really have this plan……You still come on time tomorrow!”Jiang Wan’er finished,Eating tangerine peel。
Fang Yu knows,Jiang Wan’er probably loves the tangerine peel from the pharmacy in Shangfang。
but,It won’t take long!
Fang Yu nodded。
“Mr. Fang is very busy……You have enough?”Hu Yili after Fang Yu left。
“Aren’t you going to work tomorrow?I’m so bored by myself……He gave me tangerine peels,Days become more interesting!”Jiang Wan’er smiled。
“You won’t be……”