Fish praise,Do you want Gao Boyi,He almost missed his blood.。

“rest assured,After my fish, my fish will be developed.,You are also a bad wife,I won’t take a woman back to grab your position.。
If it is a son,I will send it to the main body.,Grow up with the son of the main public。
If it is a daughter,I will find a way to let the big brother talk about love.,Doll。”
“Slaves all listen to the brother arrangement。I have bought four beautiful women.,I can’t serve myself.,Let them replace the body。”
“Ugh,unnecessary,Nothing。Just a dog heads, they have not married their wife.,Give them,How do I say that I am now their head?。”
I didn’t expect that the fish praised the good idea of rejection.。
Fish praise to do things, hair rough,But the eyes are long,Extremely sensitive to the time bureau。
His political sense of smell,Not under Yang Su。Cui Life is now pregnant,He started to shop in the future.。relatively,Honestly, Robi, I only know that I am killed.,I have never thought about these things now.。
Snow crossed a temple in Dong’an East,Dozens of monks are busy。
They all contact the people of other temples come to help,Attempt to reopeize the temple in a short time,However, there are very few responds.。
At this moment,The emperor’s car is driving,Yang Jian and He Lanxiang accompanying,There is also a dozens of wearing ankle,Full-armed guards。
“Changan’s temple is enough.,This time, the snow crushed the old temple.,It is God,God is not violating。
Come from,Outlet all the monks in this temple。Shovel temple,Place in place。Hypervisor,Press and conviction。”
After the mall of the immersion,Yang Jian, who turned his head and looked at the eyes.,Laugh:“Yang Jian,Your way is too slow.,I have a good way,Just calling between the monks,Under the Temple。
Just finished,Yang Jian and He Lanxiang directly kneel down,Scream:“Your Majesty,This is the government of the country!”
NS495chapter “Nationalizing”Of the policy
Seeing Yang Jian and He Lanxiang are asking for the ground.,Yuzi face became gloomy to the extreme!
certainly,He is not angry with these two people,Instead, there is no day to the north.,Buddhist power that has been unfarous and feel angry and helpless。
“Get up,I just excited.。But this temple has been ruined.,No need to rebuild it.?
朕 金口 言,Is it necessary to swallow??”
Yu Hao put Yang Jian and others asked。
“His Majesty,Buddhist,Required。”He Lanxiang is careful。
He is familiar with military affairs,Of course, why is Yu Hao angry?。
These fertiles don’t do the monk all day long,I know that I am eating Buddha,Top egg!As with parasites。
These people do not produce,Even often do some things to hide,Still big“usury”。After the Northern Wei Dynasty into the main Luoyang,Buddhism,Also big damage。
Powerful Northern Wei Dynasty falls to the disintegration,Buddhism is a contribution。
Moreover, why is the high-powerful weight?,The guards around the defense are killed,Not because the Yujian mother believes!
Is it because of this reason?,Three two kittens by Gao Bo Yi and him,I want to kill the umbrella!
Just imagine,If these monks can still,Then the temple becomes farmland,That can provide much food and goods for the country?
Can you provide many soldiers from the army??
These should have been eliminating the capital of Qi State.,But it is consumed so white,Yuxi can not be angry!
“His Majesty,There are not many inner libraries in the palace.,It is better to bring the land of this temple to Huangzhuang.。”
Yang Jian, has a suitable suggestion。
Ranking and monk,It is easy to cause self-dangerous situation in the temple of Chang’an area.。
But accept Huangzhuang,Equivalent to relief,The impact will be small。