Are you spelling 2020, is it ok?

At the time of 8 months, Chen Lei and Zhang Liuqing were sitting again before the reporter shot.Just this time, they took a mask.

  In April this year, Wuhan marriage registration was resumed after more than two months.

After learning the news, Chen Lei and Zhang Liuqing appointed their earliest time – April 7.After the Civil Affairs Bureau rebooted, it was suspended from the Anti-sucking, and the promulgation of the sound laughter was suspended, read the wedding vow, the issuing ceremony and other links were canceled, and the date of the ceremony was still stayed on January 23, 2020."Fill in the table, the end of the certificate is over, and there is no other ritual.

"Zhang Liuqing said, despite this, they are still excited – holding" late "for more than two months of marriage certificate, I can’t help but kiss each other. The mask blocks the cheeks, but I can’t stop the love. This scene is next to this sceneThe photographer recorded it and touched many people.