Guizhou Province further lowered nucleic acid detection and antigen detection prices

The Provincial Department of Finance and Reform of the Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau of the Provincial Department of Development and Reformation on the Provincial Department of Finance of the Provincial Department of Finance has adjusted the new coronary virus testing project charging standards for each new coronary virus testing agency, municipal (autonomous prefecture) medical insurance bureaus, development and reform commission (bureau), finance bureau, and health and health bureau: In order to implement the prevention and control requirements of the new coronary virus pneumonia, cooperate with large -scale screening and normal testing, reduce the burden on the masses and social costs, and better serve the prevention and control of epidemic conditions and economic and social development. The notification of related matters related to the relevant charging standards of virus nucleic acid testing and antigen detection is as follows: 1. Disease control detection institutions and public medical institutions carry out new crown virus nucleic acid testing projects for single -person single -person single -person single -person toll standards to 16 yuan/person (including test test agent); multiple The maximum charging standards of people’s mixed inspections are adjusted to 5 yuan/person (including testing agents). For large -scale screening and normalized testing of government organizations, the highest charging standard for multiplayer mixed inspections is meta/person (including testing agent).

2. The maximum charging standard of the new coronary virus antigen detection project for the new crown virus antigen detection project was adjusted to 2 yuan/person. The total cost of detection reagents does not exceed 6 yuan/person.

3. Public medical institutions to carry out new crown virus nucleic acid testing services. They should provide two service options: single -person single inspection and multi -person mixed inspection at the same time. Under the premise of compliance with the prevention and control of the epidemic, the masses who are willing to inspect the inspection voluntarily will voluntarily choose Essence

4. Non -public medical institutions, and third -party testing agencies provide new coronal virus detection services to implement market adjustment prices. Pricing should follow the principle of "fairness, legal and honest and facilitation", reflect the cost of keeping the capital and the quality of quality. The wealth is advocated that the new coronary virus testing price is implemented with reference to public medical institutions.

5. In supervision, the medical security departments of various places must include "service in accordance with multi -person mixed inspections and cost single -person single -check prices" and other situations.

The health and health departments of various places should strengthen the quality supervision of new coronary virus detection to ensure that the test results are accurate and reliable. 6. This notice will be implemented from May 30, 2022.

If the price policy is inconsistent with this notice before, this notice shall prevail. Other related matters are implemented in accordance with Document No. 10 of Guizhou Medical Bao (2022) and Guizhou Medical Baofa (2022) No. 12. Attachment: Guizhou new coronary virus test charging standard.