There are three taboos when using Musk Bone Cream

There are three taboos when using Musk Bone Cream

Musk Zhuangguo plaster is a topical plaster commonly used in daily life.

However, some people not only do not quickly relieve pain when using it, but they have symptoms such as skin itching and purple spots.

It can be seen that although the musk strong bone cream is simple to use, there are still some problems that need attention.

  The main ingredients of Musk Strong Bone Paste are musk, star anise, manna, raw Chuanwu, raw grass Wu, ephedra, amaranth, atractylodes, angelica, dried ginger, menthol and so on.

The most important ingredient is musk.

  Musk is a dried product of the sachet secretion of mature male musk deer forest musk deer, horse musk deer and original musk deer.Application history.

  According to the Pharmacopoeia, musk has the effects of resuscitating, refreshing, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain and swelling, treating fever and fainting, stroke and phlegm.

Modern research has shown that musk contains a variety of chemical components, has strong physiological activity, and has a significant impact on the central nervous system and the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems.

  Musk Strong Bone Paste is a light yellow or light brown gray sheet-like rubber paste, which is fragrant, mainly for orthopaedic waist and leg pain, and soft tissue torsion and contusion over-the-counter medicine.

Musk spice is strong, strong and irritating. If it is not applied properly, it will bring adverse reactions.

Therefore, the following three aspects should be paid attention to when using: First: use with caution in patients with skin diseases; do not use in patients with skin allergies; replace the location of skin ulcers and infections; if itching, redness, and purple spots appear on the skin during useAllergies should be removed immediately and go to the hospital for treatment; Second: supplementation for pregnant and lactating women; Third: Some studies have shown that the use of musk-containing drugs by men may cause infertility and therefore cannot be used for a long time.