Lin Yuner continued to speak to Xiao Fan:“The name of this orphanage is Nuan Xin Jia Yuan,On the east side of our cloud city,Before?We have many companies in the cloud market,In order to earn some good reputation for myself,So every year I donate a little money to the charity association,And the heart-warming home,You can get some from these donations,So as to maintain the expenditure of the whole heartwarming home。”

“Just the money they donated,enough?”Xiao Fan suddenly said something like this。
“How can you know enough?”Lin Yuner asked in surprise。
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“In these companies in Cloud City,How many generous ones are there?,Even if it’s just to earn fame,I definitely won’t donate too much,There is nothing hard to guess。”
Lin Yuner glanced at her mouth,Said:“Do you want to be so smart?!”
Xiao Fan said with a smile:“OK,Just go on,I am smart or not smart,It doesn’t matter。”
Lin Yuner originally planned to continue to say something to Xiao Fan,Later, when I thought about Tian Xingyao, I haven’t finished talking about it.,and so,I immediately dismissed this idea in my mind。
Although reluctant,But still speak to Xiao Fan:“Of course it is not enough,But it’s not much difference,and so,Tian Xing Yao started when he was still in school,In addition to my own living expenses,The money he earned from doing part-time jobs,I donated nothing left to Heartwarming Home。”
“You mean to say,When Tian Xing Yao was still in school,Started donating money to Heartwarming Home?”Xiao Fan was shocked again。
“Yes!and so,When I first heard Zhao Linger talk about it,I really feel very sad,Tian Xingyao is really not easy!”Lin Yoona is raising it now,The eye circles are still red?
not only,Even the nose now,Lin Yoona still feels sour!
Lin Yoona has never experienced anything like this before,She has been living in excellent conditions since she was a child,So for something like this,She can’t even imagine。
“and then?”Xiao Fan asked。
“After all, it’s a part-time job at school,So the money earned is not a lot,and so,Tian Xing Yao after graduation,Gave up studying for graduate school,Just joined the work,Also from this time,The lives of the children in the warm heart home have improved a little bit。”When Lin Yuna got here,,Almost crying。