If you have the ability,You want to get rid of him,What are you legal

,I’m willing to help you one or two,But I can’t come out。
Qin Feng is also a little pity for Gao Xiaofang, he is also very clear,Compassion is one thing,But some things are impossible to change。
If you provoke Lei Xiaoxiao for this,,That’s even more impossible。
Gao Xiaofang also sighed helplessly:“Don’t need you to say,I have accepted my fate myself,With her,That’s not a bad thing,Maybe I can fight for decades less?”
“is it?”Qin Feng is also a little skeptical,He really doesn’t think this is the case,It’s just that Gao Xiaofang bowed his head,Is he going to die??
“So what can I do?”Gao Xiaofang looks a bit self-deprecating。
Qin Feng stopped asking,I can’t help each other,There is no need to say so much about such things。
But Qin Feng asked again:“correct,I need some talent,Where do you think I should look for?”
“This thing is also very simple,If the price is similar,Then go to the provincial capital,That place is full of talents like dogs,And many people can’t find a suitable job。”
Many people want to go to the countryside,But they don’t have much work to do,This is what happened。
Gao Xiaofang also comes from a big place,So he knows better than anyone,What kind of situation is this。
Qin Feng’s eyes stared out and asked:“Are you sure this is not wrong?If i go there,Someone will come?”
Qin Feng is very skeptical,He doesn’t think those guys will give up the favorable conditions of the provincial capital。
Gao Xiaofang said mockingly:“You don’t need to worry about the situation,You must know that they are already like dogs over there,I won’t follow you back,That’s a brain problem。”
But I still feel,You first handle Ning Jianshan’s affairs locally,Then you can talk about other things?