“knowledge,And people have already come on the way.。”

Like the expression from Fu Ying Xue:“Ha ha,Will not be Tang Ling big brother?!”
“Why are you so smart?!?”Fu Yingxue laughed,
“Your expression of the child can understand,What’s more, our micro-facet teacher!”Chen Jiaying is also amused,
Tang Ling’s action capacity is not bad,And go to the Soviet Union to study for a while,He can come true is very good,First of all, he experienced rich,Very familiar to these two industries,Tan Ling, but the lover of Jiaxing.,It is her leader.,They can be together, of course, but。
“Tang Ling big brother can come to a good news worth celebrating!Let’s have a drink.!”Rui Rui took a bottle of red wine,
Three people are happy to laugh,Blue carp knocking in,Seeing Qi Rui, I will blame it in the mouth.:“where did you go!How can I come back so long?!”
Rui Rui, didn’t think of this little girl when I remembered.,Hurry and say sorry:“sorry!It was my fault,At that time, the mission was forced to walk.,I haven’t come to tell you.,Didn’t eat it?,Hurry and sit down。”
Blue blushing, sitting on tears and still said:“I am not your line.?”
“Hiss!Your little mouth!”Rui Rui quickly went to the door,
“You throw me into the agent headquarters, no matter what I.,Where you have this!”Blue Kwa is sobbing,
“I have no matter what you.,Just for security, we can’t meet frequently.,After all, I am a devil class.,And you are a Chinese,We should have a distance between us。”Since the last time Fu Yingxue reminds himself, don’t hurt the heart of rouge,Rui sharpness is indeed deliberately alienating rouge,It seems that it hurts her heart.。
“But how do I feel that you are deliberately hiding me?!”
“I do not have!Said that it is safe,You see this time I will bring you a gift back.。”Rui Rui took out a very delicate gold bracelet to Blue Carcel,
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“Broken bracelet, I don’t like it.!”Blue carp has not been wronged from small,I heard that Rui Rui came back.,This is to find the door to the door.。
Rui Rui put the bracelet to the wrist,Then pull a small golden ball at the top,A steel wire appears,Ritual:“This bracelet is specifically customized for you to defense.!”
Blue Koff is only understood at this time, there is no matter what you do.,And it is also working hard to make such a bracelet.,So very domineering warning:“Not like this later!I am offline.!”
“okay,knew,Grandmother,You are me offline,I will give you a task now.。”Hurry and hurry,
“Really?”Blue marty horse does not cry,
“rouge,Green Musk is responsible for implementing a Scorpio Plan,This plan is to send a large number of specialties to latency to all parts of our country.,Lists and information should be in his safe,If you have a chance, you have to keep this list in mind it back in your mind.!”
NS195chapter Small nine,You are suspected
Finally there is a task,Blue job broke into laughter,Hurry and teach her how to use the twice,This thing is hurting yourself in this thing.。
Waiting for a happy meal,Rui Rui drives blue Rouge home,Ask:“rouge,How about Feng Manna??”
“She is very good,And that Zhou Han light is not available,Three brothers!Three brothers call it.。”
“Zhou Han Guang, is this person you feel??”This question has been asked.,
“What is a dog traitor?。”The performance of Blue Carrier is lazy to see this person.。
“If it is a dog traitor, Feng Mana will tell him??”Qi Rui reminded,
“I have always been strange.,Manna likes no one,Do you have to like this dog traitor!”
“You should observe two of them.,Maybe something can be found from their micro-face,Do you use me to remind you??”
“Manna is my good friend,I am worried that some I don’t want to see it.。”
“Then what do you want to see?,What do you think of Mon will do what you don’t want to see?,Many things don’t speculate,I have to learn to use the essence you learned.。”
“Are you blame me to blame you today??”Blue Carrier,