“I want you to be afraid of me?Let’s talk about facts”Ouyang Hong suppressed the anger again,After all, they are the top leaders of Pingyang Town,But if it makes trouble,Don’t you make others laugh。

Deputy Mayor Zhao hurried over,Closed the door of the office tightly,He is afraid that people outside should not be affected。
“Ouyang Hong, I wanted to talk to you a long time ago,Do you still see me as the secretary of the town committee??”Secretary Wang helped his glasses,Asked in a very blunt tone。
Ouyang Hong was taken aback,Said in a heartless heart:“How not?”
“Have?Where is it!Reflected in what aspects?Don’t forget,I am the secretary of the town committee of Pingyang Town,You leaders’ monitors。But are you Ouyang Hong too domineering,Became the mayor’s leadership secretary,Everything is up to you。what happened?Am I wrong to nominate a candidate for the village head??”Secretary Wang vented all his anger。
Only then did Ouyang Hong realize,Her strength,Upset the old secretary,Kexiping Village,One hundred of her think there is a problem with Secretary Wang’s approach。
“You nominate a candidate,Why don’t you tell us beforehand,What kind of occasion do you have to make a sudden attack,Caught us off guard。If Wang You really had more votes than Zhao Hong,This is how to do?”Ouyang Hong has been entangled in this matter,She has to figure it out。
Secretary Wang snorted coldly:“Isn’t it better to choose???He Xia Jian is capable,Why can’t Wang Youfa not do it?,I think,Wang Youfa will do better than Xia Jian”
Not to mention Xia Jian,The mention of Xia Jian is tantamount to the pain point of Ouyang Hong,I saw her stand up,Pointing to Secretary Wang and said:“If you really want to go your own way,I will ask Secretary Wang of the Municipal Party Committee to report this matter”
Deputy Mayor Zhao saw that the two of them were really stiff,He was busy talking haha:“Don’t hurt everyone’s peace with this。Besides, the election in Xiping Village is over, rightAnd the result is happy”
“Rejoice,Zhao Hong shouldn’t be the village head anymore”Secretary Wang suddenly said angrily。
Ouyang Hong can’t do it,She sneered:“Secretary Wang,You wait,I will report to the municipal party committee,Big deal, my mayor is wrong”
First0565chapter Turnaround
Xia Jian stayed quietly in the hotel for four or five days。He dare not go out during the day,Only go out and walk around at night,Call Jia Lina by the way。The situation that can be reflected is becoming more and more unfavorable to Xia Jian。
This evening,Xia Jian no longer watched out to hang out,So I stayed alone in the room watching TV。Suddenly there was a slight knock on the door。Who will look for him at this time,I feel like a girl。
Isn’t it Jialina??She asked where she lives last night,Xia Jian explained the situation to her in great detail,To keep her from worrying。
Is she here?Xia Jian thought of this,Immediately bounced off the bed,If so,The police focused on Jia Lina,Isn’t he in trouble?。