Liao Wenjie briefly tells about the situation of championship,Delete Bulldo and Mall,Let Cheng Wenjing play freely,Fashion a sad story。

“How long can I get it??”
“Three thousand words,Just an hour.。”
“ok,do your stuff,I went to see the next door.,Solve Juders to hear the movement,I doubt that we have wore her green hat.。”
“There is……”
Cheng Wenjing flat flat mouth,Want to send Liao Wenjie,Bite your head frown,I spent ten seconds.,Brushing, if you have a pen。
after an hour,Liao Wenjie put his pants back,Take report from Cheng Wen’s hands。
“How about it,Is Jude sister sleeping??”
Liao Wenjie,Full,I found that Cheng Wen is biting her lips and looked at yourself.,Raise your hand pinched on her face.:“calm down,It is you said that Ju Die is next door.,She will hear。”
“Dot,It’s fine。”
————Grilled clothes,Dosk,I don’t know where the flute,Blowing a river————
Single-family villa,Liao Wenjie sits around the bath towel on the sofa,Take a red umbrella,Red line,Holding black bloody。
Veneer,The energy contained is quite considerable,To be said to be the blood of the king’s ancestors,He is not believed。
That’s so powerful energy,Can also walk in the sun,This ancestors have long been dominate the world.,What else is there?。
Liao Wenjie deeply took a breath,Position with bloody as coordinate,Hold red umbrellas to apply three small migration,Open your eyes,One of the heavens……
Chapter 345 I see you is not a person.
Blood gas,Endless blood mist between the heavens and the earth,Looking at it is a red。
Liao Jie behind Zhang opened red ghost,Half of the body,100 meters apart,Is a quiet and strange bloody ocean,No wind,It seems like a huge ruby cut surface。
distance,Gray continental edge,Transferred by blood color to bright red,Color gravity。
Bloody ocean,Blood color sky,Persistence,Scarlet rays,Even the curtain revealed a burning red light。
“Blood pool space super enhanced version”
Liao Jie took a breath,Energy is rich in air,Just smelling,It is easy to bloom red light.,The blood color measures in the body move itself。
Cai Xianjian is more,Enter the moment of this world,Just as the same as the dog tied,I didn’t have a shadow in blinking.。
Don’t think more,He hits wings,Human-shaped shells are straight down from high altitude,Bombing breaks the blood sea,Splashing blood color,As if a group of flames burning on the sea。
When the rapid return of the sea,Blood water deep flow agitation,Blood gradually boiling,The fierce combustion of the flame flame。
Deep sea,Liao Jiyi,The seemingly calm blood sea faith is violent,The energy contained in exaggeration is unable to imagine,Have a tricky gold,Skin direct contact with blood,There is a feeling of stinging burning。
Energy is too strong!
While blood color energy is running,Ninnong nine-character true words four vertical five-step law full mobility,Red blue two-color circulation,Every red is growing,Blue is a point of growth。
Inner view space,Taoism is one of the same,Refining blood sea energy is used,Crazy。
Taoist truth,A sudden blue fire,Wrap the arm,Finally ignite the whole body。
Amazing flame,The speed of the red blue is also very amazing,The potential of yin and yang cycle is slow。
outside world,Blood sea dark flow,Deep sea vortex whizzed,A brain poured into Liao Jie,Slow yin and yang cycle accelerate again。
An invisible wind rises from Liao Jie,The magnificent momentum is rolling,Whose plus red sputum