4,885 birth proves have had a thrilling "behind-the-scene story"

Original title: 4885 birth certificates have no thrilling "behind-the-scenes story"? On December 2, the volunteers were abducted to the officially released Weibo. In 2016, he investigated that someone in Fujian Province had successfully went to the account after purchasing a child, and a considerable part of the birth certificate was from Shangqiu Maternal and Child Health Hospital. A total of 4,885 copies.

At that, the official high-profile state of Shangqiu was thoroughly investigated, but he did not receive a reply and hoped that it would pay attention to this case.

For this matter, on the afternoon of December 6th, the relevant person in charge of Shangqiu City, Shangqiu City, Henan Province, reported to the media, and the Government of Liangyuan District attached great importance to the arrangement. In addition, on the afternoon, the deputy mayor of Shangqiu City convened the head of the relevant departments to hold the lead on this matter.

On the 7th, the Liangyuan Branch of Shangqiu City Public Security Bureau also released the statement, indicating that the case detection will be further increased on the basis of the early detection investigation. Nearly 5,000 medical born proved actually fly in the hospital, this matter is extremely embarrassing.

What is even more intimate is that this case is still a "suspension" after 10 years. If it is not an exhibition of volunteers, this matter is likely to be forgotten over time. Now, officially respond and indicate that it will restart the investigation, and every question, you want to get answers as soon as possible.

  As we all know, the birth certificate is the newborn baby account, obtaining a legal medical instrument of the personal ID number, which is easy to suspect that this is not just a general aft. Because these years, many medical systems have been exposed through theft, and they have proved their profitable cases. For example, in 2016, the criminal cases of the Safety Mensic Metal Committee of Hunan Province were jointly "online", and the criminal cases of buying and selling medical certificates have unveiled the Duo City Network for the birth certificate of reselling medicine.

Therefore, the restart investigation of this matter is, in addition to the stealing case itself, there is still a hugging of the vine to see if there is any abduction population case. In the past few years, the traduter learned through the undercover that someone else bought the child after purchasing the child, and the birth certificate of these unknown children, exactly from Shangqiu Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and also reflected this clue The police department has not yet obtained results. This clue must pay attention to this restart investigation. What is the cause of the past investigation, "no end"? Further, after the incident, the hospital is just a place to "notify the criticism" and "written inspection", which should also be seriously examined. After all, for the persistence of the born certificate, it is convenient for the human trafficking crime. Any "help" of any link cannot be placed.

  As early as 2016, there was a police person saying that any of the extension of the real secret (birth certificate "means the negligence of the public security household registration department, the health system" inner ghost ". More important, it is the obstacle to abduction work, because "some calendar is unknown, it is very likely to be traffled, and now you have settled, it is shaken. This also makes the police and the children who have been abducted. Difficulty.

4,885 birth proves have been theft, it may help the child "shake" identity, bringing more resistance to finding work. Therefore, the relevant surveys must have sufficient urgency, because the longer time, the greater the difficulty of finding.

  The matter must be tightly tightened to protect each gateway in the population. A ridiculous phenomenon like a birth certificate is directly related to the crime of the population, but it can’t be 10 years ago.

Behind this, behind the 10-year suspension, there is no shocking "behind the scene story", "missing" birth certificate, where to flow, with the official intervention investigation, should be shipped out.

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