Everyone saw that the coach Wu Hao had made a decision,I won’t say anything anymore,Everyone looks dignified。

Even if it loses half of the manpower,As long as I can rush through the starry sky door in advance,Arrived on the new plane earlier than other teams,It’s definitely worth it。
In fact,In the past plane wars,There are not a few leaders who make this choice,The necessary sacrifice is due,As long as you can win,God Warrior,Not afraid of death,Not afraid of war!
For Master Wu Hao’s sudden killing decision,Made this decision like a strong man with a broken arm,Zhu Jian was stunned to hear,Because he thought he might not be able to do it,At least not like Master Wu Hao,Made such a cruel decision in such a short time。
And what makes him even more incredible is,Those subordinates around Master Wuhao,No one objected,And they all feel as if it were a matter of course。
Let the subordinates dare to fail!This invincible command,Not owned by anyone,At least he Zhu Jian is not sure,Can I do it myself。
Although Xu Huailong has formed a defense,But his attention has been focused on Master Wuhao and the others,Because he knows,The most unpredictable is always the heart,He is not afraid of those dark monsters that come like a tide,But I am a little worried that other teams will interfere with my good deeds。
After all, he gave up first to cooperate with other teams,Chose to be alone,He judges others by his own character,Belly sinister heart of a gentleman,This is the human mind。
Until he heard Wu Hao was preparing to lead the team to force the guardian of the magic dragon,At the same time,Can’t help but sneer again and again。
Master Wuhao,I’m afraid I believe too much in those people under my control?Fickle,When facing life and death,Will change。
How many people make a decision only with blood and courage,But withdrew between life and death,He sees too much of this kind of thing on the battlefield,So he didn’t believe it at all,The team under Master Wuhao,Can everyone fear death,Even sacrifice,Accomplish others。
Just watching other teams,Even in suspicion,Master Wuhao and his men,I have given up the starry sky channel behind me,Launched the most ferocious attack on the Star Gate。
It is still based on the defense master strictly guarding the copper,The most defensive fighter in the team takes the lead,Behind him,Followed by Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming,Then there is Mi Xiao Chong who is strictly protected by five veterans,Huang Shaotian and the sin priest Brada are in the middle,Zhou Shen supported on the right,Yusheng is on the left,The last one is Feng Zhongliu and Lu Menglin,And Gao Dajin with four veterans。