And she also has an identity,That is the largest family in Jiangnan,Girlfriend of Qiao family descendants。

What is her status as Lin Yoona?,A wimpy wife。
On the family,Not to mention,It’s just someone from a small place。
Lin Yu really doesn’t know where Lin Yuner’s courage comes from。
“Qiao Ming,Tell them,When you called back to Qiao’s house to verify what they said,How did the Qiao family respond?。”
Qiao Ming sneered,Directly to Lin Feng:
“Lin Feng,Where’s your family?Don’t say i fool you,I have made an exception for you and called Qiao’s family to verify this。”
“and,I’m not like you,Whatever you say,Nothing to do,There is no evidence at all。”
“To prove what I just said,It’s not just a fool,I deliberately sent the reply from Qiao’s family,Rate down。”
“And me?I’ll show it to you!”
After Qiao Ming said this,,I really turned on the phone recording to Lin Feng and his family to listen to。
After the recording is finished,The faces of Lin Feng’s family are extremely ugly,Lin Feng stretched out his hand,Want to take the phone from Qiao Ming。
and,Lin Feng still stretched out**Seize,While saying:
“This is impossible,It is absolutely impossible。”
How could Qiao Ming make Lin Feng do what he wanted??So when I saw Lin Feng’s hand grabbing towards him,,Just stepped back。
Subsequently,Even more coldly:“how?Now things are revealed,Do you have no face to keep listening??Want to take away and ruin this recording??”