This is the power of the master’s father。

So a very strange scene appeared,Video of Wang Yufei and Lu Yuxin chatting after work,In China, we have achieved a carnival dominated by the media,In the Western world, a game about whether parallel worlds exist,The big discussion about whether four-dimensional public space exists。
And as time goes by,Huaxia’s topic on the video is gradually cooling down,But the debate in the western scientific community is intensifying。
Those who agreed with this view began to think it was correct for various reasons.,And radiate from the cosmic microwave background,The form of quantum motion,Large mechanics cannot be unified, etc. to discuss the multi-dimensional parallel world and the four-dimensional world,Of course it’s all conjecture,No one can produce persuasive evidence。
People who disagree with this view,The expression is also very simple。The current human technology cannot even prove that the so-called parallel universe is real.,Why think that there will be multiple three-dimensional worlds。And the so-called three-dimensional world is a pseudo concept in the public area of the four-dimensional world。
Even if there are multiple three-dimensional worlds,Then if these three-dimensional worlds intersect,There will inevitably be physical characteristics different from the single world,However, so far there is no evidence to prove this.。
Scientists of the two factions discussed in private,To public opinion,To start arguing directly on the Internet,Only three days。It can be seen that even scientists,When it comes to the master’s father,Will be quite excited。
of course,The scientists currently participating in the discussion have not yet appeared particularly powerful figures。
But it is enough to arouse the curiosity of countless people。
So what the hell is going on?
“How do i know what’s going on?All right,I have nothing to say,There is an important experiment on hand,Hang up first。”A vigorous debate in the western world,Wang Yufei behaved innocently。
He has received many calls these days,I hope he can express a clearer view。Some people even asked him if he would talk about this topic in the near future,Write a special essay response。
Of course it is——impossible。
Research on quantum computers is at a critical stage recently,Many parameter designs are reset after countless power-on tests,There is no time to bother about the so-called theoretical disputes。
Initially, regarding Shi Xulin’s group of friends, the topic of chatting with Lu Yuxin was posted on the Internet.,Wang Yufei didn’t care too much。
Also for the ridicule of his views on,He doesn’t care much。
It’s not like saying from the media that he got news from another world,He also wrote an article specifically to refute rumors?