Cloud Map Holdings: Selected the third batch of service manufacturing demonstration companies

  China Films Network News (Reporter Kangxi) Cloud Map Holdings official WeChat public account released on November 17, after declaring recommendation, expert review, on-site examination, online publicity and other work, the General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the third The list of service model manufacturing demonstrations, the cloud map holds successfully selected the third batch of service-type manufacturing demonstration enterprises. The cloud map holds the head enterprise in the completion of the industry. In recent years, the cloud is surrounded by traditional compound fertilizer R & D production and sales. It has actively created a service system throughout the agricultural production process, providing the soil, and formula customized intelligent manufacturing services. Precision logistics distribution service, supply chain financial services, planting guidance and land hosted service, agricultural products e-commerce platform sales service, etc., from pure production and manufacturing enterprises, gradually transform into service-type manufacturing enterprises.

  Cloud Map Holdings said that this selection of service-type manufacturing demonstration enterprises is an affirmation of the company’s total industrial chain service, and it is also an incentive. In the future, the company will continue to improve the service capacity and level, further deepen the service model, and continue to lead the market with the production + service double advantage.