8 Declarations of Yoga

8 Declarations of Yoga

Practicing Yoga 8 Manifesto 1, Am I Breathing Are You Breathing?

Breathing is a magic weapon that everyone will be born with, but we usually only achieve 30% of the breathing. The rest is not only used completely, but even ignored!

In fact, as long as you return to the simple exploration of infancy, you will be surprised by the simple and simple breathing method of yoga.

Here I want to cry out: breathe!

Take a deep breath, and then take a deep breath a few more times-do you feel relieved now?

Let’s cooperate with yoga practice to find the remaining 70% of our potential and discover our simplicity and energy!

  If you do n’t know how to breathe properly, do n’t worry, looking at the moment of this book, are n’t you breathing?

It’s that simple!

Next, as long as you learn to focus all your strength on your breathing and control your breathing consciously, instead of breathing casually as usual, it is the beginning to learn breathing.

It’s that simple!

  Remember, remind yourself at any time: I want to breathe.

  2. I want to warm up. Do you often feel numb and numb when you move your body in a fixed position for a few minutes?

Be careful, be careful, your blood circulation is so slow that you are numb to protest to you!

Now you are sitting as if you are sitting on Mount Tai, be careful and you will almost become a fossil-if you drop a fossil, it will break, break, crack, and hurt, you must know!

So if you are completely inactive, get up and move a stiff body.

But remember, you must warm up before you hurt your body like a fossil!

“Warm up” is something you must do before exercising, especially before starting yoga practice.

Whether you are a completely immobile fossil person or an active person who often exercises, “warming up” is very important and necessary sports safety concept before doing any exercise, so as to avoid unnecessary sports injuries.

  Always remember to tell yourself before practice: I want to warm up.

  3. I want to relax. We often see that some graceful dancers move their torso, and the whole body exudes a soft, flexible and elegant body language, which attracts us for a long time.People are surprised and envious.

If it is replaced by the same hands and feet, the whole body is like a wooden stake jumping up and down, it is really unbearable!

So the key to soft beauty is to learn to relax first, and of course to get started as a yoga beauty, of course, there must be a magic weapon for relaxation!

  Think about it, if you hold your fists with both hands and then relax at the table to declare relaxation, then you will become a tough old bone hitting the floor while practicing yoga, not to mention entering the soft yoga world!

So stop clenching your fists.

Take a deep breath and relax the power of your fist . Look!

The hands became soft.

Come on!

Extend your hands to relax your shoulders and relax.

With relaxation, you have softness; with softness, your muscles have elasticity; with elasticity, you can become elegant and coordinated like a dancer.

It’s that simple!

When you relax, you will have a softness. No one dares to say that you have a hard bone and it is not suitable for practicing yoga!

  Remember, getting started in yoga is a reminder: I want to relax.

  4, I want to feel that practicing yoga is actually very simple and easy. There is only one trick, which is to “follow the feeling” when practicing!

Please shout with me, “I want to feel!

“Just because of” is a very simple thing that can be easily overlooked. For example, in daily life, do you always feel that you are breathing?

Do you always feel that you are relaxing?

As long as you are more sensitive to your “feeling”, you can feel whether it is actually balanced, and you can also feel whether the whole body is affected by stress or discomfort.Lift, bend forward . and other activities to apply force, massage, contraction, squeeze, relax your whole body, and during the practice, operate as much as you can.

  Relieving physical and mental discomfort by feeling, and practicing within your ability, is the safest and barely good way!Feeling this way, you can develop your body’s potential, talk to the deeper body of yourself, and release the endorphin from yoga, so that you can get the effect, happiness and satisfaction in yoga asana.

So remind yourself when practicing yoga: I want to feel.

  5, I want to focus on the most beautiful woman, because serious focus is a charming factor, spread this factor to every part of the body, every cell, of course you are beautiful!

Practicing yoga must be so carefully focused on the feeling of every inch and every minute inside and outside the body, and awaken the function of the body, feel and love your body, and become the most sensational part. Feel and concentrate on the consciousness.To protect, let the practice of yoga asana, press, press, touch, push, pull, squeeze, tight, loose and other feelings on the body due to the change of posture, with the focus of consciousness to taste, experience, and harvest,Go for ascension, enjoyment, and feel the changes in soreness, pain, swelling, numbness and comfort from time to time for the best results.

  Seriousness can make you the most beautiful woman, and concentration can make you the healthiest woman.

Therefore, when practicing yoga, make sure to declare: I want to focus.

  6. I have to balance how long have you been unbalanced?

“Balance” is very important to health. A moderately balanced radiance, people who lose their balance are absolutely overshadowed, just like a house without a solid and balanced foundation will definitely not build a high-rise building.

The only exception is the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, which is the only miracle that has appeared in the centuries. Later generations also tried to repair and maintain it in order to maintain its balance, and found “balance in imbalance” to maintain.

Therefore, balance is very important. Only with balance can there be a strong spar, and only with balance can a healthy physiology.

So another trick for practicing yoga is to be “balanced”: in fact, remember to simply bend backwards and forwards; in fact, do n’t forget the right on the left, and twist the left when you twist the right, so the balanced exercise is correct!

  Of course, you can also practice the parts of the body that you don’t move often in your daily life.

If you are a long-time sedentary office worker, you need to practice posture and posture balance often; if you are a long-time sedentary office worker, you need to practice posture and posture balance frequently; if you are a long-term worker, you need to practice lying, Lying, sitting, etc. to balance the imbalance of standing for a long time, to find the balance of the whole body, so that the body can emit a balanced, healthy and comfortable feeling!

So remember to practice yoga: I want to balance.

  7. When I continue to practice yoga, I have to fish for three days, and the mentality of drying the net in two days must be completely eliminated, otherwise the effect of wanting to have a beautiful figure and a healthy body will be discounted.

Continuity and persistence are very important spirits of yoga learning. If you want to practice, it does n’t matter if you do n’t practice, it ‘s too casual, and you will definitely give up the practice in the end.

In fact, it is not difficult to continue.

In particular, when you look through this book and make up your mind to start planning to practice yoga, don’t be too greedy at once!

Too much time is arranged and the number of times to practice is too much. As a result, I can’t continue to practice if I practice less than twice, but it becomes a stressful one. In the end, it is bound to be interrupted or abandoned.

  Therefore, I would like to remind you that you are just getting started, as long as you “live” yoga, practicing yoga will be very enjoyable and easy!

Just 5 minutes a day at first, then slowly get used to and increase the practice time, and keep habitual daily practice, it can be very simple and easy to turn the practice of yoga into your lifestyle, so that you can easilyIf you can continue to practice, you can enjoy the thin bodybuilding brought by yoga!

Please declare with me aloud: I want to continue.

  8, I want to fall in love with love is happy, every woman wants someone to love; in contrast, love is hard!

By the same token, falling in love with yoga requires a painstaking practice process. After you are familiar with it, you will be familiar with it with ease, and you will naturally attract the comfort and health brought by yoga.

This feeling will make you a little addicted and you will fall in love with yoga, and you must love yoga with your long sleeves. You must date with yoga every day, otherwise your body will not be right-when you have this feeling, you are right!

As long as you are obsessed with yoga and declare “I want to fall in love”, YOGA every day, so that the physical can feel the happiness of being loved, you will always be young, healthy and beautiful is yours!