Get up slowly,Until Shan touched the big tree behind him again,He knew how he stopped irregular exercise。

I have difficulty breathing,Shan then couldn’t help but laugh,I don’t seem to survive tonight,But I didn’t want to avenge Chen Chen,What Shanyou thinks more is whether the old man Shu Tiance will be happy because he doesn’t have his own thorn.?
“I’m a thorn!”
Shan took a breath again,Said something that no one else understood。
Osedus did not rush to attack,It’s not difficult for anyone to see,Shan is already at the end of the battle,It’s just that Osedus just warned,Many people restrain their impulses,Did not go up to make up。
Looking up at Osedus,Found that he was not in a hurry,Shan You took the opportunity to take a break。
And it didn’t actually consume much time,I regained my mobility alone。
I don’t expect Osidus to give himself so much time to rest,So Shan got up very consciously,Walk towards Osidus again。
“That old man Shu Tiance,I always like to run on me when I’m fine,Can’t afford to be the four words Guo Shi Wushuang。I always look indifferent,But I actually care,Who doesn’t want to be praised?”
Murmured,No one can understand what he is talking about,So no one can stop it。
Stretched,Shanyou’s state has also recovered some,But his current appearance is more reminiscent of Huiguangfanzhao。
“Wushuang…Half of it is single again,But there is no single word,Not worthy of Wushuang。When the old man You Tianming picked me up,This is the one who fooled me,Don’t say!It’s really useful!And now,Still so。”
Every breath can affect internal organ pain,The breath gradually weakened,Shan said it might be his last breath and walked towards Osedus。
“Are you trying to win respect for your country??I understand you,Life has come to an end,Even if he will fight for his own faith!”