385th chapter Ganoderma lucidum

So who was swayed by Li Hui Cheng and Zhao Weiji is a glimpse.。
When they see a red bowl with a red bowl with a rotten acorn root on a rotten acority tree,Both people feel a bit soft。
I have seen a lot of killing in the weekdays.,But when there is no feelings of this cold blood.,Everyone is not a feeling of felt legs。
“Li brothers,What should we do now?
I found it to be eyeped.。”
Looking at the look of the big snake,I don’t know if I should run for a while.,Because they are afraid of running each other。
Li Hui Feng is clearly seen that the red big snake is a Ganoderma lucidum.。
He has heard the old man in the village to say that the acorns roots in the mountains are easy to find Ganoderma lucidum.,He has also been a few times before,But I haven’t encountered it.,I didn’t expect it to meet today.。
This makes him some happy。
Just see that red big snake,He is some, I don’t know what to do.。
Killing each other is definitely can’t kill,Can know that the biological basics of guarding these medicinal materials has produced learning,Or have a psychic。
But it can be guarded by these biological materials,It is definitely the best in the best。
“You two will come back to me.,Don’t be afraid slowly。”
Listening to Li Hui,Two people are also careful.。
And the rough red snake in the network mouth saw two people retired,Also slowly squatting,Then firmly discharge the piece of Ganoderma lucidum。
“Li brothers,Just now I saw that snake seems to be guarded.,Although it is only exposed,But I can feel that it is a fire red.,And can also illuminate。”
When Zhao said this,Eyes are also eye-catching attention。
Li Hui Feng saw the opponent,I know that the other party is definitely didn’t play any good idea.。
“Zhao Da Ge,You’d better be don’t hit the idea,Otherwise, this snake can find your taste to find you to retaliate you.,Do not believe?”
Zhao Wuyi heard this, there is some unbeloved road:“Shouldn’t be so spirit??
Li Brothers, are you watching TV movies??
What is the soleno??”
“Hey-hey,If you don’t believe,Take it now.,Look at the snake dare not swallow you.。”
“Forehead,forget it,We still hurry back.,Although it is precious,But than our own life,Or life is more precious。”
Li Hui Feng saw that the other party did not lose my mind because of the treasure of Ganoderma lucidum.,I feel that the other party is still saved.。
“Brothers,You will go back with Zhao Ge first.,I will keep up.,I am going to take it.,You are here,I am afraid that it will take the lead in attacking you.,At that time, you will run yet.,Be very dangerous。”
For the baby of the red big snake,Zheng Tiancheng is also extremely hot,He also wants to try,But he knows that he can grab it.,I am afraid I can’t run away.,Although I haven’t seen the red snake running, I can have a fast,But I saw the scales that exudes the rays in the sun.,There is also a dry belly of the other party,I know that the other party must have never eaten things.,Ready to initiate an attack。
Holding things to have a joke,He is generally can’t do。
“Li brothers,Don’t we give this far away,Look at you,If you have to do it, we will race.,Even if you can’t,We can also take you.。”
Zhao’s helpless is a little unsightly looks at the red snake body.,He feels that the baby must not,Can you let such a big snake guard。
“Hey-hey,As long as you are not afraid, you will not be afraid.,Then I have to go up.,I will catch up with it.,Don’t blame me.。”
Li Hui said this,Directly,In an instant, you caught above the thick pine branches.。
Seeing Li Hui’s light action,Zhao has no greatness to understand why Li Failee makes him first escape.。
This hand,That big snake can’t catch Li Hui,Don’t grabbourne。
“Li brothers,You first wait,Let’s go far away.。”