I realized the breath of the soul.。

http://www.zengzhouweibo.cn “Someone!”
The two opens at the same time。
“Should not be a Tiantian Holy King,if not,We like this big flag drum,I was found out later.。”
Gogan analyzed,Face is also shocked,“It is impossible to be a variety of people,Those people are usually a group team,If we find us,I will definitely rush out.。”
Summer laughing,“Is it a record in the record?”
“Great possibility,Those mining team,Same as a smuggler,And the strength is not high……Let it go,Let’s take a look。”
Two people are just walking,Sacrifice huge ideas,Way to follow the residual slit。
After,They came to a mountain wall。
The breath fluctuations are getting more and more strong.。
The two have not hidden your own。
No receding,The mountain wall flashes seven or eight people,There are men with men,All the repairs above completely http://www.ksgede.cn late。
They also found two people。
First, it is an old man.,He stepped forward,Gong,“Two,See your appearance,Should not be a variety of constructors and law enforcement days。”
Gogjian immediately opened。
This words,The old man and the people are suddenly tone.,The atmosphere slowed down。
They have gone to summer and Goflings。
Although these two are very wolf,Can be a profoundness,Not like a mining person for a vicinity。
“Ha ha,Since this,Two may wish to come over?”
The old man is laughing and inviting。
“Then disturb you.。”
Summer and Goflsen are also welcome,Go to the past,After turning through the mountain wall,Here has been opened up a simple hole。
“Old foot,Do you have to go to the universe storm??”
Gogjian opened the door to see the mountain inquiry。
The old http://www.jnsydc.cn man shook his head,“We are just for the sake of life.,Prepare to go to Jiuxing to find some rich mines。Two?”
Everyone around also brushed,Some are more interesting two people。
The old woman sits on the side of a bunch of bouquetic women,Need to look beautiful,I can’t help but ask.,“Are you two people??”
For these mining people,Steel,Danger and loneliness,Can meet ordinary practitioners on the way,Be extremely difficult。
“Yes,We are just two people。”
Gof Sword rushing a woman nodded,Also look at the old man,“We have an urgent matter,Master you want to travel,Nine stars,Also have a distance from a distance,I have been going to Tianxingxia。”
Toned,Gogjian,“We first entered the universe storm area,Unfamiliar with this,Prior to even distress,I can only ask the old man with a thick foot.。”
The old man is sinking,Slightly hesitation。
Falling is a woman with a woman,“Take you,But we only go to Jiuxing……”
Not finished,Next to a burly man suddenly interrupted,road,“Tang Fire,Unusual danger in the universe storm,We have two drags,I have to take care of oneself,What should I do if I encounter dangers?,I don’t agree with outsiders.。”