Test whether you love him or not?

Test whether you love him or not?

On your first date, you always have to pick a good sunrise. Which place do you think is most conducive to your love development?


Department Store B.

Zoo C.

Cinema D.

Cafe: Choice A: You know that the relationship cannot be reluctant. If the fate of the two has been exhausted, you can also be at ease, say goodbye to the other side, and give blessings.

Every love, in your opinion, is a practice, from which you can experience the true meaning of love and learn ways to love.

If you have such a positive thought about love, Daoxing is of course very high.

  Option B: You are very easy to be hurt by love very much, because you are an emotional person, always put all your thoughts on the other person.

When the situation changes, you will immediately be at a loss and lose your life direction.

Not only will you be trapped in love, you will also reset your locks in the door. You will need to heal for a long time to recover slowly.

  Choice C: Love is sometimes like your hunting game. If you miss the one in front of you, you will soon see the corner of your eye. There is another new prey. The state of mind can be changed very quickly and the object of love can be changed again.Quick and crisp.

You won’t take things like nails too seriously, anyway, there are so many grasses in the world, why bother to love a flower alone is your philosophy.

  Choice D: You respect the other person’s opinions, but if love comes to an end, you will also be very reluctant, always remembering all the memories related to your lover.

Even if after a period of time, life gradually returns to normal, in fact, deep down in your heart, you still hope to have the opportunity to break the mirror and reunite.