Chen Geng is a little depressed,He shook his head disappointedly:“I thought I could achieve better results。”

before this,Chen Geng thinks his shooting level is not bad,It shouldn’t be a big problem to mix the top ten,I didn’t expect it,A little city of Detroit,There are still so many good shooters hidden。
The observer immediately laughed,He looked proud:“Hey,Buddies,You have to be clear,This is Detroit,There are so many good guns,And don’t forget,Today, there is hard stubble from the delta,Almost all the good gunners in Detroit are here,You can achieve this result has surprised everyone,Trust me,You have won the respect of everyone。”
Isn’t it?,Look at the people around Chen Geng who keep giving his thumbs up whenever Chen Geng’s eyes turn around.,These old beauties are really convinced by Chen Geng。
First229chapter boss,Please give me more benefits
First21Of course, there is no chance of getting the guidance of the retired sniper from Delta,But you underestimated the association’s ability to seize opportunities,Chen Geng just put down the gun and soon someone from the association came to ask Chen Geng,Would you like to spend a sum of money to ask the sniper to provide some help Suddenly guide——If Chen Geng agrees,Of course it is necessary to pay a sum equivalent to“Agency fee”cost of。
Chen Geng doesn’t mind letting the association make a fortune,However, Chen Geng is not satisfied with just a few words like this.,Ponder,Chen Gengdao:“You help me ask that gentleman,Can you be my personal shooting consultant?”
Different from shooting coach,The job of a shooting consultant is more“consultant”,Usually design consultants have certain shooting skills、People who are not very satisfied with their shooting skills,They will ask their design consultants for some of the problems they encountered in the practice、How to solve these problems,To some extent,Shooting consultants can also be considered a higher form of design coach。
The staff of the association will be back soon,Also brought the retired Delta sniper:“Mr,You want to hire me as your personal shooting consultant?”
Chen Geng nodded:“I just watched your shooting performance,I have to say,I am shocked,It will be my honor if you are willing to serve as my personal design consultant。”
“can,”Since the other party is here,That means the other party intends to get the job,He doesn’t hide this:“But my home and work place are not in Detroit,I’m afraid we still need to communicate more over the phone,We can talk twice a week,I can come to Detroit every month,Provide you with two on-site guidance and improvement plans for shooting skills,of course,You need to bear the transportation costs,If you agree to these conditions,You need to pay me every month2000USD。”
only need to2000U.S. dollars can invite a former sniper from Delta Special Forces to serve as his own personal design consultant,It seems that Chen Geng is making a lot of money,But don’t forget,This2000Dollar only needs him to talk to Chen Geng eight times、Came to Detroit to give Chen Geng on-site shooting technical guidance twice,Count the time between two visits,The workload adds up to less than four days,Earn in four days2000USD,The price of this consultant is not cheap at all。
But Chen Geng frowned,I happily agreed:“can,no problem。”
“So happy cooperation,”More than a month2000Dollar input,The former Delta sniper is also quite happy。He happily reached out to Chen Geng:“Mr,You will be my boss from now on,You can call me john,John·Els。”
Rich is good,Just made a faceXSniper of the former delta,I have to call my boss obediently now。