The police uncle who was greeting Lu Menglin turned around,Strode to the old village hooligan。

“You report?The reporter we received was a lady,You report a hammer case!Are you the boss of Chaoyang Game Hall??”The police uncle asked。
“Yes,Yes?”Lao Cun’s eyes rolled around,Dare not deny。
“It’s you!You are suspected of instigating theft,Oh!And gather people to fight,Come with us!”The police uncle said seriously。
The old village ruffian stared straight,Yell:“he,He beat people to death with qigong。Why don’t you catch him?”
“Kill someone?where is it?”Uncle the police stunned for a moment,Asked rhetorically。
The old village ruffian opened his eyes and looked around,Only then discovered that the black and thin boy who fell to the ground by Lu Menglin’s point just now has disappeared.。
“people,People?”Old village riffraff。
The village rascals with him also look at me,I see you,I don’t even know where the boy is going.。
Think again,I can’t even remember which doll the other party is in the village。
“Report to Comrade Police!people,People are gone,But he just beat people with qigong,Many people here have seen it!”The old village ruffian is still working hard,I want to take Lu Menglin into the ditch。
result,The police uncle who led the team laughed loudly:“Is there something wrong with your brain??I think you should treat your brain with qigong!go,take away!”
Talk about it,Several policemen cut the arms of the old village ruffian,Put him in a police car。
And the police uncle who knows Lu Menglin well,But strode to the villagers,Shout loudly:“Folks!And Liufang employees,You were all blinded by this game hall owner just now!We have investigated,He asked someone to steal the game card version of the King’s Game Hall,And was discovered by these students。These students are not thieves,Is a hero,Good role model!”
The voice just fell,Feng Nan and their five tears are like broken beads,Can’t help but slip off。
These boys,Poor academic performance in school
,Be considered a poor student,Everyone get together,Loyalty,For brothers,But this time it was calculated by the old thing,Not only beaten,Was framed as a thief,What a shame this is!
Until Lu Menglin appeared,Know without thinking,If it’s not his relationship,The police comrade who led the team would definitely not say such a thing in public。
Although they are so-called bad students,But I also hope to be innocent,They would rather fight,Don’t want to be treated as a thief,I was so ridiculous that I couldn’t lift my head。