No one cares about Qin Feng。

More people still hold sharp weapons,Stabbed towards Qin Feng。
“Hello,Can’t do that!I……”
I haven’t finished speaking,Two knives pierced Qin Feng’s heart。
Shot is the point!
“you guys,This,You don’t wantbī)me!”
Avoiding again,Qin Feng said angrily。
A man in a white coat snorted disdainfully。
“it is good,you guysbī)mine。”
Qin Feng was simply trying to retrieve his box,The thing inside,As if you didn’t see it。
Although I consciously told Qin Feng,These people’s experiments must not be a good thing,but,He still doesn’t want to care。
But these people are vicious,Qin Feng can’t bear it anymore!
Punched that woman。
The woman flew out in a straight line。
“what,Xiao Meng。”A man called out,Drop the knife,Towards the place where the woman flew out
Fang ran。