Xia Siyang saw Ye Xuan look like this,Step forward,Planning to reach out and pat Ye Xuan’s face。

however,Xia Siyang hasn’t had time to do this,Ye Xuan is very direct,Habitually kicked Xia Siyang directly。
Xia Siyang basically didn’t have time to react,Direct kick,Kicked and flew several meters away,Fall heavily on the ground。
Xia Siyang’s followers,All dumbfounded。
Just now,Is that special effect??
And Ye Xuan,Suddenly smiled:“You gave me two feet before,You gave me a stick, right?”
“Don’t worry everyone,It is a society under the rule of law,How could I be rough?”
“I’m just,Just tell you the truth in life。”
Ye Xuan finished,Nothing,Kicking directly at these people。
this moment,Ye Xuan felt,I am like Bruce Lee,Ip man,Huo Yuanjia,Chen Zhen Possession。
Such an opponent,Ye Xuan has ten more。
Chapter Three Medical Expenses,Just 100,000 yuan
In a moment,these people,Were all knocked to the ground by Ye Xuan。
Xia Siyang was the most surprised。
prior to,They met Ye Xuan,Do whatever you want。
But now,They met Ye Xuan,Ye Xuan wants to treat them,Just so。