Better building Chinese spirit, China value, China power (people’s point of view)

Culture is a country, a soul of a nation. From the date of its establishment, the Chinese Communist Party is both a positive leader of China’s advanced culture, but also a faithful inheritor and promoters of China’s excellent traditional culture.

The Party’s 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China has adopted the resolution of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, summarizing the great achievements of new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, one of the 13 aspects, one of the important aspects is cultural construction . Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country Newcomers, Xing culture, exhibition, firmly understand the ideological work leadership, building a socialist ideology with strong cohesiveness and leading power, building a socialist cultural strength, stimulating all national cultural innovation and creating vitality, better building Chinese spirit, China ‘s value, China’ s power, and consolidate the common ideological foundation of all the people of all ethnic groups across the country. Ideological work is to work for the country, for the work of nation. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China And stick to the fundamental system of Marxism in the guidance of ideology, improve the sense of ideological work responsibility system, and promote the whole party’s hands-on to grasp the ideological work, defend their soil, defend the soil responsibility, defend the soil, dare to grasp the management, dare to fight, the flag is clear And resist various wrong views.

The party starts from the Zheng Qingyuan to strengthen the publicity and ideological work, promoting the party’s innovation theory to armed the whole party, educate people, guidance practice, keep the Internet’s ideology struggle, the main battlefield, the forefront … The party’s theoretical innovation is fully promoted, Marxism’s guidance in ideology is even more distinct, and the socialism with Chinese characteristics and Chinese dreams are deeply in the hearts of people, so that all people are tightly united in the ideal beliefs, value concepts and moral concepts. Cultural self-confidence is a more basic, wider, more and more confident, is a country, the most basic, deepest, and longest force in a national development. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping adheres to the cultural construction of socialist core values, paying attention to the socialist advanced culture, revolutionary culture, and China’s outstanding traditional cultural bacon.

From extensive socialism and Chinese dream publicity and education, to establish and improve the party and the national merits of honor; from promoting learning party history, new China history, reform and opening up history, socialist development history, to promote cultural undertakings and cultural industries Comprehensive development; from promoting the creation of China’s outstanding traditional culture, innovation development, to the world, Chinese story, the Chinese Communist Party … Patriotism, collectivism, socialist spirit is widely promoted, the model model, the hero model is constantly emerging, Cultural and art is growing, the network is rapidly developed, and the ideals and beliefs of the whole nation are constantly enhanced. The national cultural soft power and Chinese cultural influence have increased significantly, and the unity and unity of the whole party’s full social thinking is more consolidated.

Socialism with Chinese characteristics is the great cause of comprehensive development, comprehensive progress, no socialist culture and prosperity, there is no socialist modernization. Coordinate the overall layout of "five integration", coordinate the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts, culture is an important content; promote high-quality development, culture is an important point; to meet the growing beauty of people, culture is an important factor; victory A variety of risk challenges on the road, culture is an important force source.

Today, my country’s ideological field has occurred in the situation, fundamental transformation, the people’s cultural confidence in all nationalities and national people is significantly increased, and the cohesiveness and heart of the whole society have greatly improved, providing a strong ideological guarantee for the new era of creating party and national business. And powerful spiritual power.

Cultural and hunting in the country, the cultural community is strong. Self-confidence, strengthen cultural consciousness, play a cultural lead, educate people, service society, promote development, we must be able to take new cultural mission, cultural creation in practice creation, cultural progress in historical progress To support the country with cultural prosperity.