Bai Chen and Lin Yoona have many topics to talk about,They talked from school to getting married and having children to parenting concepts。Lin Yuner asked Bai Chen when you plan to return to China?Bai Chen thought for a while and said。

Actually there is no fixed date,Mainly take care of Gu Jin and Xiaonian Gao,The most important thing is when do you want to go back?,When shall we go back,Ok,Actually you can’t go back,After all, there is no work there。
Mainly Gu Jin is remotely managing here,So we don’t need to hurry back,The soldiers said it was so good,Just stay here,We can go out shopping if we are fine,Chat,I still have a friend。
I don’t usually have any friends,Because I can’t understand the style of some of them,Bai Chen smiled and said that we two are really the same,You know that even brothers in a family like ours can turn against each other。
Let alone sisters,Two people may have fought because of one husband,Everyone wants to marry a good family,Fortunately, my family is the only daughter,Otherwise,I may not be able to marry Gu Jin yet。
Maybe someone else snatched it away。Lin Yoona nodded and said yes,If it wasn’t for my parents,Only my daughter spoils me,Used to me,Maybe I can’t escape the fate of marriage。
Fortunately, I chose Xiao Fan myself,Xiao Fan chose my two-way marriage to make sense,Otherwise, maybe we are still in the ordinary,No motivation every day,There is no longing for,Keep living。
No fun。Bai Chen nodded in agreement。Here Xiao Fan and Gu Jin are also chatting with each other,Two people have known each other for so many years,Don’t feel embarrassed even if you don’t speak。
This invisible tacit understanding brings a sense of comfort。Little nian gao is playing with water there,Sometimes dragged the corner of Xiao Fan’s clothes,Ask him what it is?What is Xiao Fan will patiently answer him。
Not only watching the small rice cakes,I just ignore him, his father, and Xiao Fan are so close。Suddenly Xiao Fan seemed to have thought of something,I paused and looked at the small nian gao,Turn around and talk to Gu Jin:“If the small rice cake is bigger。
You can send him to me,He is a plastic talent,If you want him to follow me,I can teach him many things,Give him all of what I have learned all my life,Of course if you don’t want him to live like that。
You can also choose to let him stay by your side,Life is plain。”Gu Jin thought about it:“Actually, it mainly depends on what kind of life he wants to choose in the future,If he really wants to learn from you。
I will never stop,And I am very happy to send him to you,But if he is also willing to be ordinary,I just want to grow up with me and Bai Chen,Then I won’t push him to your side,Oppress him to learn something。”
Xiao Fan thinks Gu Jin’s educational philosophy is very good. What did Gu Jin think of?,Then he looked up at Xiao Fan and said you,Are you really planning to have a baby??Xiao Fan thought about it:“Now everything is uncertain,
And I just broke through the last level of skill,It’s very possible that many people are rushing to my necklace,If you want children now, you will add a WeChat,When the time comes, I will worry more。
Besides, Lin Yoona will love her child very much,If something happens during this period,I can hardly guarantee that he will calm down,What to do once impulsively,This kind of consequence is not something I can bear。”
Gu Jin nodded thoughtfully,In fact, Xiao Fan always has his own difficulties,He also misunderstood Xiao Fan for so many years,I feel so guilty。Everyone has everyone’s difficulties,Xiao Fan has his own difficulties。
Gu Jin also has her own difficulties,For example, now he doesn’t know what to domThe country still stays here,It’s not bad if you continue to stay here,But those disciples of Kunlun Xu are not responsible。
Anyway,The master used to treat him very well,If he just gave up Kunlun Xu now,I’m afraid his old man will be disappointed in himself,Gu Jin thought。