Hua Zai’s been moved,A listen,Hurriedly disperse in one direction。This forest,Has become a treasure hunt for everyone,No one knows how many treasures the monkeys have scattered here。

quickly,Xiao Gao walked towards Populus angrily,Holding about one-fifth of the remnant painting,And yelled:“His grandma’s!An ancient painting was torn like this。”
Wen Wenhao just got down from the tree,Already got the pearl necklace,See that remnant painting,Also heartbroken。
This kind of ancient calligraphy and painting,Usually not cheap,A little masterpiece,Just hundreds of thousands,Even millions of prices。But now it’s like this,No one wants a few hundred yuan。
“You look again,Can you get it back,Can be repaired later。Let me see,Whose painting is it。”Wen Wenhao said。
He took over Can painting,Can only see some rocks,Nothing else,Can’t identify,The only thing that can be determined,This is a landscape painting。
then,Wen Wenhao handed it to Populus:“Hu Ge,You look。”
Populus euphratica,Naturally know the details of this painting,But he still shook his head:“Look like this,Can’t see anything,Too little information。but,Judging from the painting style of Shanshi,The author seems not very good at painting mountains and rocks。Judging from the paper quality of the painting,It should be something from the Ming Dynasty。”
Since Brother Hu doesn’t have a clear answer yet,Wen Wenhao ran out again,Join others in the treasure hunt。
Only Populus walked towards the cliff,Frown slightly,The cliff is covered with ivy。
suddenly,A monkey head emerges from among the ivy on the cliff,Looking around thiefly,Seeing Populus is watching it,I retracted in an instant。
(End of this chapter)