First1095chapter So insidious

Inside the cabin,Xia Jian lying in bed。
He seems to have been lying here for two days,Just like what Zhu Hui said,Here are delicious and beautiful。Delicious is that he has no appetite to eat,I can only taste it,And the beauty is even if people throw in their arms,He can’t enjoy it either。
But this morning,Xia Jian took advantage of this gap in the sky,Then started silent luck。At first it was unpleasant,Can’t lead true energy to Dantian,It seems that he was poisoned this time。
Even so,Xia Jian still didn’t give up,He kept guiding the airflow with his mind,Just before dawn,Breath finally adjusted smoothly,He can detoxify by himself。Thought of here,There was a hint of joy on Xia Jian’s face。But then disappear,Because he knows,Once this situation is discovered by Zhu Hui,He will never get out here。
Just when Xia Jian returned to normal,Zhu Hui has walked in like a gust of wind,She laughed and said:“how about it?Are the two women sent to serve you beautiful??”
Speaking of this,Xia Jian scolded his mother。Good Zhu Hui,I don’t know where I got two women who take care of him every day,A young and beautiful,And the other is mature and delicate。But he is in the mood for pleasure,Besides, he is like a waste,I need someone to help me。
Zhu Hui saw Xia Jian’s displeasure,She laughed and said:“Don’t worry,Keep good things and enjoy them slowly。I will let them take care of you these days,So they will be yours sooner or later“
Xia Jian glanced at Zhu Hui,Still didn’t say a word。In the two days of getting along,Only then did Xia Jian see the woman’s methods,She is lovely when she is happy,But when he turned his face, he was a murderous demon,So he still provoke her less,In case she gets angry and do him,Then he will die in this life is too meaningless。
Zhu Hui watched Xia Jian stop talking,She twisted her waist,The plump ass sat on the edge of the bed,She sighed and said:“It seems that your startup group is really not easy,Even if you are not there,But your subordinates still do the work without leaking,This is all your credit“
Xia Jian still didn’t speak,He just took a breath。he knows,Zhu Hui come here,I definitely want to probe his tone,He won’t be fooled so easily。
Coincidentally at this time,Which woman who served him to get up every day came in。When Zhu Hui saw this woman,Suddenly his face changed and roared:“Go out!Didn’t you see me here??“
Which woman bowed her head,Ready to go。But Xia Jian made a sound,He shouted:“I want to pee!“
Zhu Huiyi listen,Angrily reached out and pinched Xia Jian’s thigh and shouted:“Don’t go,Come back and help him to the toilet“Zhu Hui shouted,Gazed at Xia Jian and turned away。
Which woman helped Xia Jian up,She suddenly whispered:“Mr. Xia!You seem to have more strength today than yesterday,Is it like this?“
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but be overjoyed。But he still took a breath,Shook his head and said:“Still no strength,What’s the big deal。Hey!I ask you,what’s your name,What the hell is it for?“Xia Jianming knew he asked,People may not answer truthfully,But he still asked。