“Yes,The Shenwu Temple outside,The founder of the year has entered this piece‘Inheritance space’。Step up the ladder,Inheritance。But the immortal who built the Shenwu Temple back then,In your human words,Is an immortal。He has walked less than one-third on this ladder。”

“You can have a try!”Smart life said with a smile,“The inheritance is simple,Just step up the stairs。”
When Li Ming approaches the mountain,When reaching a limit,The mountain trembled suddenly。
“Rumbling~~~”The sound of shaking mountains。
There was a burst of sound from the white cloud-covered stairs,Then came bursts of weird and piercing loud voices as if ringing in Li Ming’s ears,“expensive~~~”
This sound is very weird,Like various tones and formation,Although it sounds strange and harsh at first,But carefully Li Ming quickly felt the weird rhythm in the voice。
Sound reverberates!
But in front of Li Ming, there are white clouds and mist condensed into words,The text strokes are like secret patterns,These Wenyu,Li Ming doesn’t know him at all,But can easily read。
“Incredible,Really incredible。”
As the clouds gather and disperse,Strange words continue to emerge,Keep disappearing。
After a few minutes,Li Ming fully understood the meaning of these words。
“Golden Jade General!From a heritage established by a powerful alien?I am the first3525742Into the mountain of inheritance,Eligible for inherited life?”
However, since the birth of the inheritance mountain,But no Yijin Life can accept the complete inheritance,obtain‘Golden Jade General’The honorable name。Golden Jade General,No matter what kind of life,Flesh and blood、Plant life、Rock life、Energy life,Can become a noble golden and jade general!
Golden Jade General,Is unique!Unless the last golden jade god will fall,Then another golden jade god will accomplish。And become the foundation of the Golden Jade General,Is to accept the complete heritage,Become a back-up for the Golden Jade General。
but,It is extremely difficult even to become a replacement for the gods,At least so far,No one has succeeded in this heritage mountain。When there is a life that can accept the complete inheritance,become‘Golden Jade General’Make-up time,This inherited mountain will collapse directly。
The white mist completely escaped,Li Ming can see the stairs that are hundreds of meters wide,The stairs are very simple and,Full of history。But a closer look will reveal,The secret patterns of gold and blue are intertwined with each other,But very subtle,I can’t see clearly without careful observation。
“Golden Jade General,Sounds very powerful。Worthy of being an ancestral religion–But the position of this god will inherit,In fact, it is equivalent to being exclusively enjoyed by the human race。”
“I really want to see the greatest existence of the ancestral gods and the human race!”
Li Ming shook his head,These things about the strongest of the universe,It’s quite far away for him。Not to mention the peak race,Is a group that can survive independently in the universe,Normally, they are also powerful people at the level of cosmos,He has no way to contact him except for his master’s line。
What he has to do now is to absorb every nutrient,Improve one’s own strength。