Acrobatic show "Winter I want" stunning

  At present, the performance of the Winter Olympics stage art works in Hebei Province, the provincial culture and tourism department, the provincial culture and tourism hall is being held, during the period, 12 excellent stage works will be brighter online or offline.

Recently, the acrobatic show "Winter Impathual" in the provincial capital of Hebei Acupuncture Troupe staged in the Tianyuan Theater in the provincial capital, and many viewers appreciate this excellent repertoire through the Internet.

  "Winter I want" with the theme of "passion Dongao, meet Hebei, Ice and Snow," integration with acrobatic skills and ice and snow sports, Hebei regional characteristics, using acrobatics, magic, dance, light multimedia, etc., to the audience A acrobatic boutique repertois that boosted Winter Olympics, popularizing ice and snow sports culture. At first, an acringes who were wearing doll costumes "suspended" were freely rotated in the air, and the mystery was unpredictable.

In the performance, dozens of empty bamboo rotated at the same time; sometimes the rain umbrella danced in the ankle of the actors; every move of the acrobats, all the movements of the acrobats were all made up … The perfect interpretation of the actors won the live broadcast. commend.

"This acrobatic performance is too addictive! Every move of the actors put my heart, followed by a nervous." "The performance of the actor is so perfect, it will definitely be a lot of effort to practice ! "… netizens have praised. It is understood that in order to give the audience a full-artistic and appreciation repertoire, the master team has done a lot of homework.

Book Zhou Xiaoxia frankly, the overall demand of this drama is very high, and a large number of homework is made in the early stage of the team.

She introduces: "The double roller slip on the stage is to close the figure skating, move the ice hockey to the stage, and make the acrobatic show more interesting and vivid, so that everyone can better understand the unique charm of our acrobatics." It is reported that this exhibition activity will bind to the line on the line, concentrated on the fruitful results of the majority of literary workers in recent years. Next, it will bring the "old car", symphony "," Winter Olympic Symphony "," Charming Winter Olympics ", and" Emperor "," Due to the World Olympics ", and showcase Hebei Regional characteristics, vigorously promote the spirit of the Olympic Games, hold a strong cultural atmosphere for the Winter Olympics.

(Reporter Liu Di).