TCM experts talk to you about ginger

TCM experts talk to you about “ginger”

“Go to bed radish and get ginger” Whether it is steamed fish for cooking or seasoning, ginger is definitely on the table.
Its spicy flavor can remove fishy and pungent flavors; it can also infiltrate its own special flavor into the dishes to make it delicious and delicious; add a few slices to the vegetable soup, which can dispel cold and medium, and taste delicious.
Anyone who cooks pork, beef, mutton, and all kinds of wild game is used.
Jun Bu Jian’s delicious dishes such as ginger hot nest chicken, ginger elbow, ginger cowpea, ginger duck paw and other delicious dishes; small and compact like ginger velvet, ginger slices, ginger onion powder; sweet like ginger vinegar, ginger milk.
  As the saying goes, “rice is not fragrant, eat ginger.
“Eating a few slices of ginger or putting a little tender ginger in the dish when the meal is not fragrant or the amount of meal is reduced can improve appetite and increase the amount of meal.
When you catch a cold or catch a cold, you may wish to boil some ginger soup, which can play a good role in prevention and treatment.
Stomach ulcers, debilitating gastritis, enteritis, and colds can also be served with ginger to disperse cold sweats, warm the stomach to stop vomiting, and kill germs.
Ginger is also a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of nausea and vomiting.
Ginger, not only ingredients, is actually a homolog of medicine and food.
  These are all due to the magical effects of ginger.
Ginger Xin Wen has the effect of promoting blood circulation and dispersing cold evil.
It is rich in volatile oils, which can accelerate blood circulation.
Gingerol of ginger has the function of stimulating gastric secretion, exciting the intestine, and promoting digestion.
When the human body is performing normal metabolic physiological functions, it will produce a harmful substance-oxygen free radicals, which promotes the body to develop cancer and aging.
After gingerol in ginger enters the body, it can produce an antioxidant enzyme. It has a strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals, and it is even stronger than vitamin E. Therefore, eating ginger can indeed fight aging and the elderly.Eating can eliminate “senile plaques”.
Ginger also contains gingerol, which can reduce the occurrence of gallstones.
The folks “go to bed and turn radish out of bed and ginger” said that it was not false.
  ”Men can’t be without ginger for 100 days” 医 Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ginger is the product of helping the sun, so since ancient times, Chinese medicine has been known as “man can’t be without ginger for 100 days”.
Modern clinical pharmacology studies have found that ginger has the functions of accelerating human metabolism, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, exciting multiple systems of the human body at the same time, and also regulating the function of male prostate, treating prostate diseases and sexual dysfunction in middle-aged and elderly men. Therefore, Jiang ChangUsed for male health.
Ginger contains volatile zingerone and zingerol, and has the functions of promoting blood circulation, relieving cold, dehumidifying, and sweating; in particular, ginger has the effects of choleretic, stomach-strengthening, vomiting, stink, and edema, and combined with honey for liver disease recoveryUseful.
  If men often feel cold and lose their appetite, they can often take fresh ginger tablets to stimulate gastric juice secretion and promote digestion.
Fresh ginger moisturizes without yin, cut four or five slices of fresh ginger every day, drink a cup of warm water in the morning, and then slowly chew the ginger slices in the mouth to let the smell of ginger radiate in the mouth, spread to the stomach and nostrilsouter.
  Not only that, dried ginger can also treat kidney deficiency and impotence.
Now I recommend a medicated diet that is good for men’s health, easy to cook.
Take 1 male carp (about 500 grams), 10 grams each of dried ginger and wolfberry.
Take the fish G in the carp belly (white jelly-like substance in the belly of the male fish, which is the seminal vesicle gland of the male fish), add dried ginger and wolfberry and fry them together.
Bring to a boil, season with wine, salt and monosodium glutamate.
Take it on an empty stomach. Take it once every other day for 5 days.
  Dry ginger warms and disperses colds, strengthens stomach and promotes blood circulation, Chinese wolfberry nourishes liver and kidneys, and improves eyesight. This medicated diet can treat impotence, chills, cold back pain, waist and knee weakness, burnout, etc. caused by kidney yang deficiency.
  女子吃姜保安康   古药书云:“生姜辛温,行阳分而祛寒发表,宣肺气而解郁调中,畅胃口而开痰下食,治伤寒头痛、伤风鼻塞、胸壅痰Separate, cold pain, wet diarrhea, clear water and gas, and blood paralysis.
“” Gaojiang is hard and hot, keeps the stomach cold, stays warm, warms the blood to stop bleeding, calms vomiting and sputum, removes colds and viscera . “Traditional Chinese medicine often uses ginger as an adjuvant.
Postpartum women’s confinement meals are served with ginger and vinegar, which is common in all parts of the province. Ginger or pig’s feet and eggs with pork intestine and black vinegar salted sugar pot, or cut into ginger and eggs with sweet and sour steamed, take their medicineEffective, suitable for maternal physical recovery, but also conducive to feeding babies.
  In addition, boiling ginger bath can prevent rheumatic headaches.
According to Wu Ziqiang, a pharmacist at the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is unscientific to say “maternal women don’t wash their heads and bathe”.
The weather in Guangzhou is hot and humid, especially in the summer. If you do n’t wash your hair for a month, it will not only be unhygienic, but it may also cause skin inflammation and cripples.
After birth, people in Guangzhou like to wash their hair and bath with ginger tablets, and even wash their faces and hands. This is based on science.
Because ginger tablets can dispel cold, bathing with ginger pot water can prevent rheumatism and migraine.  Link: Ginger Family Ginger is usually processed into silk, flakes, powder, and juice. It is a sauce that is indispensable for frying, cooking, stewing, steaming, and mixing.

Ginger is the most widely used. The ginger we often say refers to ginger.

  Ginger is a tender shoot of ginger. It is a seasonal fresh vegetable with strong recombination. It can be used as an auxiliary material, pickled into ginger or shredded raw food, such as: ginger shredded pork, ginger ginger and duck, and ginger ginger is made of gingerMade of ginger.

  Dried ginger is the dried rhizome of ginger. It has the main temperature, can disperse the cold, return to the Yangtongmai, warm the lungs, drink, and treat the symptoms of spleen and stomach deficiency, vomiting and diarrhea, dying yang, cold and cough.

Dried ginger is commonly used in soups in Sichuan cuisine.

  Editor reminds: Ginger is known for its excellent medicine and food. Regular consumption can improve your health and health.

However, there are times when everything needs to be eaten. In ancient medical books, such “warnings” also appeared: “Within one year, you will not eat ginger in autumn; in one day, you will not eat ginger at night.

“Autumn climate is dry, and dry gas hurts the lungs and then eats spicy ginger, which easily hurts the lungs and exacerbates dehydration and dryness of the human body.

  Ginger should not be taken too much at one time, so as not to absorb gingerol, which will stimulate the kidneys during excretion through the kidneys, and produce symptoms such as dry mouth, sore throat, and constipation.

In addition, do not eat rotten ginger and frozen ginger, because ginger will produce carcinogens after deterioration.

  Folk customs are: “preparing ginger for home, don’t panic if you are sick,” “eat ginger in summer, and eat health care in health”, “eat ginger in winter, eat ginger in summer, doctors do not work for doctors,” “eat ginger in four seasons, all diseases”Sweep the light,” “Eat three slices of ginger early is better than ginseng soup.”

Many folk sayings reflect the health benefits of ginger.

Ginger’s efficacy need not be said too much, cooking or medicating is a must.

Ginger is so effective, it may be a treasure in your home.