and,According to the memory of her previous life,Laid-off tide sweeping the country,Coming soon。

by that time,Many people will lose their jobs,And then as a last resort,Start to sea。
Years to come,It will also be a period of rapid development of market economy,and,This is also the arrival of an era full of opportunities。
And at the same time,There will also be many large and small collective enterprises,Facing restructuring,This is for Wu Xiaorou,Is an excellent development opportunity。
She doesn’t want to miss this opportunity,But the capital in her hands,Can’t support her ambition。
and so,She must take advantage of this opportunity,Still a while,Accumulate some capital,Lay a better foundation for yourself。
One more,She must start training her team now,Rely on her alone,Still a little powerless,Someone must be able to help her share some things。
such,She can go on this road better。
But who to cultivate?
She can trust her now,It’s Zhao Nan。
As for Xie Wei,Wu Xiaorou understands,Don’t hit his idea for now,He can now work in the restaurant with peace of mind,For her,Is the best result。
“Then Zhao Nan,I have to ask in a few days,Are there any training courses,Let her go to school,After all, her foundation is still weak。”
Wu Xiaorou thought in her heart,The corner of my eye saw someone walking towards her。
“Xiaorou,Have your letter。”
Come to the cash register,Handed the letter in hand to Wu Xiaorou,Then smile,Jokingly:“Whose letter is this,Is it a love letter from other boys??”
“What are you talking about,Is everything done??
Go to work for me,Be careful I deduct your salary!”
I heard Zhao Nan’s ridicule,Wu Xiaorou instantly raised her face,Pretending to be serious。