But this is not the case,He found,This world has previous lives in online novels,World consciousness,Rule of consciousness,Even if he reaches the fifth generation god body, there is nothing he can do。

Why does Wu Xing conclude that this world has its rules,That’s because of several things,Let him confirm this。
E.g. Kesha,Such as cold ice,And Karl and so on。
In the relationship between Liangbing and Keisha,Wu Xing has tried his best to maintain their relationship,But in the end it was because of the disagreement,Part ways,Stand on opposite sides of each other。
same,Carl does the same,Although he is doing ideological work,Or stole the big clock,Stygian civilization was established,Make yourself a phantom。
These kinds of combinations,Isn’t it the world will in the previous life novels is repairing the plot trend??
originally,He doesn’t care if the plot is fixed or not,But the problem is that the plot goes,Will cause his wife to go offline,Then he can’t help but ignore it!
Although the sacred body is immortal,But it takes 300 million years to restore,He can’t wait that long,Not willing to wait!
not to mention,The two have a baby girl,He didn’t want his daughter to lose her mother early。
Combining the above,This is Wu Xing’s real purpose for coming here without Kaisha!
Change the plot,Change the direction of the world,As long as it can change the possibility of his wife going offline,Even against world consciousness,He is not hesitating!
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