What a joke!

For a time,President Lee Gen became the laughing stock of the whole world,And the American media lamented:“What did we choose to be our president??But okay,We can fix this error soon,This is the second term of office of Mr. Lee Gen,And according to the relevant laws of the United States,He is no longer eligible to run for president again……”
Just as the media across Europe and the United States were caught in a carnival of mocking Lee Gen,Mikhail·Sergeyevich·Gorbachev officially responded to Li Gen’s invitation,And it’s the kind of extremely formal、Response in official public speech……
“Yes,I saw the invitation from President Lee Gen to me,”Facing the TV camera,Gorbachev suit and leather shoes,Serious face:“Your Excellency Lee Gen is something I admire very much、Outstanding and visionary statesman,I am very happy to see that the United States is becoming more and more prosperous under the leadership of His Excellency Lee Gen、Prosperous,I am very pleased that His Excellency President Lee Gen of the United States can see the Soviet Union’s efforts for world peace,The Soviet government will continue to contribute to the peaceful development of the world.;
Simultaneously,I am very happy、I’m also very happy that Li Gen’s invitation to me,I will visit the United States in due course、Discuss with Mr. Li Gen and other major issues related to world peace such as nuclear weapons reduction……”
When is the appropriate time,Gorbachev did not say,Of course this is also normal,As long as Gorbachev and Li Gen both have this desire,Just leave the specific work to the comrades below to communicate。
And Gorbachev’s response,Let the media across Europe and the United States be severely slapped in the face!
No one expected that Gorbachev not only did not mock Li Gen’s previous words,Instead, it clearly gives“Willing to negotiate with the United States to reduce the number of nuclear weapons arsenals”signal of,The media in the U.S. and throughout Europe were all dumb for a while,Don’t know what to say。
It’s the old and cunning politicians from all over the world,See Li Gen and Gorbachev, you sing、The way i am,Think of this time again“Scalpel over the Barents Sea”The delicate timing of the event:Gorbachev has been in power for two years,It is said that there is still no unified voice within the Soviet Union,And President Lee Gen has been deeply involved since the end of last year“Iran Gate”In the event……
A feeling of sudden realization came out spontaneously:Fucking!Could it be that you two guys have been secretly hooking up?
Also,Things have developed to this level,If the top international politicians can’t see this“Scalpel over the Barents Sea”The incident is most likely a secretly planned action by the United States and the Soviet Union to create opportunities for the two sides to initiate dialogue.,They are not qualified to stay in their current seats。
Face this situation,Everyone can only sigh:Ah……You people in the city can really play……
If not unexpected,It shouldn’t be long,The US government will meet with the Soviet government on the two heads of state、And Gorbachev’s visit to the United States and a series of matters such as communication and coordination.?
The development of things is as they expected,Next,The diplomatic systems of the two sides quickly communicated on this series of matters,a week later,The U.S. government and the Soviet government officially announced the approximate time of the meeting between Li Gen and Gorbachev at almost the same time.:11Mid-month to12Mid-month,President Li Gen and President GorbachevSJi will meet officially in Washington。