Uncle Jihu nodded,Settled。

Lu Menglin is definitely not stunned,He wants to do this,Will definitely consider,Beat the opponent to death with one stick,Never let him have a chance to turn over。
From《Game time》Out of the magazine,The sky is full of stars outside。
It’s rare that Yangcheng has such good weather,Can see such a starry sky。Lu Menglin’s heart secretly said,In the time and space after that twenty years,It’s hard to see this scene。
He took out his phone,Called a long-cherished number。
“Brother Jiang Zhou,it’s me,Lu Menglin!I’m in Yangcheng,Going out for a drink?”Lu Menglin smiled。
The night is as cool as water,Sit and watch the Altair Vega。Drinking on such a moving winter night,It’s a little romance between men!
Three days later,When the new issue《Game time》Weekly published,Newsstands in the streets and alleys were all snapped up,Even those placed in the game city、New publications on display racks in public areas such as cafes,Was rushed to read by many people,And this caused an unprecedented debate。
The cover story of this issue of the magazine,But it caused a lot of empty streets,The hot situation of Luoyang Zhigui。
If it’s in the future age,The influence is ten times more popular than media news that has read more than 100,000 plus。
Because of this issue《Game time》cover story,The picture used is not a picture of a certain game,But a picture of current affairs news。
The fat man with a big belly on the cover of the magazine,Sitting in front of the podium as a senior official, reading the speech,He wears a shiny watch on his wrist,The style is clearly visible。
This cover story,It starts with this person and this watch,Thousands of words,Just quoted a piece of newspaper news at the beginning,Pointed out the identity of this senior official,Then all the space is left to the watch。
In ahVUnder the sharp pen of this fashionista,This Vacheron Constantin limited edition watch,From style to price,Time to factory,Global sales,Customer crowd,All written clearly,clear and direct。
At the end of the article, I still use witty style,Wrote the view that life is like a game,It’s a game and a dream,Clothes on everyone,Watch,Just like the character equipment in the game,Let people see the value at a glance。
The article did not directly point out,That piece of Vacheron Constantin limited edition watch worth millions,Why was it worn on the wrist of a deep city official,Not to explore the official’s income,How many years do you need to work to own such a precious watch。
Everything is left blank,Leave endless reveries for readers。And as a game magazine,When the year is approaching,Suddenly broke out a heavy article not related to the game,Both successfully attracted a lot of attention,It also made countless readers fall in love with it,Think this is a conscientious magazine,A courageous magazine!