Chu Deirers do not respond,But the Chu Deirers have heard,Small dragon female standing in front of the door。

At this time, the little dragon woman is on the door.,And said:“Go ahead,If you don’t come back?,I have been waiting for!”
Obviously, the little dragon is also realized,Chu Deer is going to take a risk——Seeing that she is going to go to the meridian chill,But still refuse to let Chu Deirers help her,Obviously it is ready to wait for this.。
“Dragon,you listen to me……Not so dangerous,Will not come back,No need?,Dragon……”Chu Deirers knocked a few times。
But I know that Xiaolong’s wife has decided,I know her temper,I have to leave a sentence:“wait me back。”
After that, the Chu Deiren went to the cold and the four brothers.……
Approach,The two people are squatting,And not to find a cold,But I went to it.“refrigerator”,That is, the ice of Liao Springs and others.!
Determine that the cold is not nearby,Chu Deirers touched the past——If the cold is happening,Dog hybrid will lead it at this time。
I saw that the Chu Deirers were also posted on the ice.,Then a layer of ice coverage!
After the extremely cold,Chu Deirers can also be self-frozen,And under the perception of Ming Yudai,It can control the temperature of the surrounding ice wall temperature,Even if the cold can sense the temperature,I also found out anything.。
As for it, it will not find,“refrigerator”More than one person?
Chu Deirers gamble one hand it will not count!
Even the number of people,Also countless dry pot, cow frog will not one more?
In the ice wall,Chu Dee people enter the turtle,At the same time, enter the status status……
Dog hybrid is the concealed place to beide,Similarly try to reduce your existence,What do you have?,He will take a rescue immediately。
Dawn,A burst of snow,Cold。
Turning around the ice wall,After that, I saw that the cold is as large as possible.——Fought,Cold, can not open the mouth so much,This is already the extent of mandibular dislocation,Can’t force at all。
But now is food,Naturally don’t need to consider the problem……
I saw the cold and tall raising body.,Standing up and showing twelve three,Only two or three feets on the ground,This proportion has made it slightly shake,Huge ice,It is highly taller by it.。
At the same time, the upper and lower jaws are like part dismantling.,Zhang Yuanyuan is bigger than the body,Then I will swallow the whole ice.!
Dog hybrids have seen a tension on the side,Tightly stare at the cold,Once the buddy has some signs that cannot be taken out,He will immediately shoot。
Ice is better than the cold body,More than double,After swallowing,It is also clear that the location is slowly moved into the abdomen.,However, the cold is obviously also secretly in the body.,It can also be seen from vitro,The more this ice is downward.,It is also“Slim”
Seeing that it is about to swallow about five or six feet、Already just bigger“Drum”Time,Suddenly cold,Then, dramatically sway down.,Intense fierce rolls in the snow!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 891 Life and death
The cold struggles in the snow,Dog hybrid,I am busy catching up.:“Good snake,If you have a stomach,I will spit my second brother.,He only takes you some blood.。”
pity“Good snake”Obviously I don’t understand,Instead, in struggle,Dog hybrid this is close to the threat,Alarm。
Dog hybrids have to make out of the sky……
at the same time,In the cold belly,Chu Deirers were perceived by the surrounding ice.,Recovery from the fake state,And the whole body,Chemical as a solar,In the case of the sun, the stomach of the cold!
Originally, the cold must be frozen for three days.,I suddenly swallow a big fireball,I’m painful,And the Chu Deiren took the victory,Make full power“Jinding Buddha Light”,Incaround bears,Stimulates the cold。
But obviously cold stomach,Also imagined than Chu Dee,To be more harder。
Correct“hot”Not suitable for,Does not mean“Fear of heat”,At least no burnt、Signs of burning,Just expressing the pain of the cold!
The cold is twisted and rolling,Internal and dark,The pressure of no dead angle is coming to the Chu Deirers,Chu Deirens can only resist hard resistance,And dark transport to yang,The cold is as if they swallow a soldering iron……
Chu Deirens hope that the cold and hurry to spit him out,When you arrive, you will come back.,It’s enough.。
But gradually, but I perceived,Cold, did not put him to vomit,Instead, creeping down,Out of the stomach fluid four sides!
The worst situation,Pressure around,Chu Deirers can resist,Episodes,Nor is not so strong when spraying in vitro,Striped by Chu Deirers,But this gastric fluid……
Ice-cold,At first,Chu Deirers also really loose tones,I thought that the stomach of the cold is not good.,Gastric fluid is not corrosive——Until the Chu Deirers found,Your own arm has been illegally!