The "Three Learning Three Hearts" in Neijiang City, Neijiang Province, promotes the effectiveness of the party history

  In the Neijiang City, Sichuan Province, the Sichuan Provincial Commission Department was closely surrounded by the overall requirements of "learning party history, real things, doing real things, opening new bureaus", combined with "I do practical things for the masses", with specialization, on-site learning, practice Learn "Three Learning", cultivate refined, enterprising, for the people "three hearts", inherit, continuous, practice good party history, promote party members and cadres to work with history, create the future, bury, struggle to do new era "Answer person". First, based on the topic, learn the spirit, cultivate "refining".

First, adhere to "Leaders + Self-study", and the layers are fully covered.

Established the main person in charge of the team leader, the leaders of the leaders of the leaders, the party history of the party, and the responsible person of each unit, strengthened the organizational and powerful coordination, and supervising the inspection.

Take the learning model of "Branch Secretary + Team member with Teaching + Branch Center + Party Memberself Self-study" Multi-level, learning and education atmosphere, and learning objects are fully covered.

Second is to strengthen "lower line + line", abundant form of vector. Develop "implementation plan regarding the development of party history study and education" and "Inheritance Red Red genes tell the classic story reading program," using the "communist", "learning power", "History of Education official website to learn" and other online resources to complete the online fight CALL .

Watch organization "Shan Revolutionary struggle history and achievements" seminar, "Develop the Long March spirit of the new era to take a good long road", "tempered into a steel: 100 years of the Communist Party of China", "Rise of their prime" and other feature films, in "normal , diversified, full of "learning mode, the perception of the party’s glorious history, learn from progressive forces to stimulate the enthusiasm Officer.

Endeavor strength, cohesion enthusiasm Officer. Third, the implementation of the "History of + say history", should adhere to because of Shi policy.

Carry out the "morning reading to talk about" special auditorium, will learn to speak History History and combining full use of classroom every Friday morning, 30 minutes, using "all the podium, all of them are lecturers" approach, both party members and cadres focused organization Science History, letting the Party members and cadres to share stories, party members and cadres with their own interest to do "Freestyle", so that learning History education more vivid, full use of the lecture topic will be "to me", "passive learning" to " I want to learn, "" active learning ", make learning more take heart. Second, based on site Dynasties red gene, developing a "progressive heart." First, watch a century theme of the exhibition, learning Red Party. Organized all party members and cadres to visit the celebration of the Communist Party of China 100th anniversary theme exhibition, experience the "red Neijiang" centuries changes, observe the scene Neijiang distinctive red course, red trail, red memory, the red model to understand the centuries Neijiang party building, democracy, the rule of law, spiritual civilization, tackling poverty, to experience the "big US city, the city of accessibility, City of industry, the vibrant city, a city of culture, livable City" features Neijiang, let party members and cadres to uphold on the red hot spot " rise and fall, everyone is responsible, "the national will to daring daring, courageously rushed Manner, open building a new socialist modernization Neijiang journey.

The second is to visit the former residence of revolutionary martyrs, look for the red trail.

Visit the organization Zhu De, the former residence of Zhang Side and Fan Changjiang, Luo Shiwen historical museum, bowed, review the party oath.

Research study life story of Comrade Zhu De, the great feeling of national identity and thousands of miles to find a firm belief in the party, modest and prudent, mindful of fine style and great revolutionary spirit has always been with the people through thick and thin. Listen to "Bearing in mind the British Liedan mind, heart and build a strong early mission", "Cheung family tradition from generation to generation," "Yangtze own later" and other topics of micro lectures, insights "Zhiyong firm troubles innovation, unity, numerous endlessly," the revolution spirit, forging "temper beginning of the heart, understanding the mission," the party spirit, to guide party members and cadres to carry forward the spirit of martyrs, Geng continued spiritual blood, the human resources into the new journey, Endeavor powerful force in the new era.

The third is to carry forward the great spirit of the revolution, red sing hymn. The city participated in the preparation of the system bodies, "a hundred years of struggle Road set sail on a new journey" Party hundred years celebration, "I’ll sing a song for the party," a grand party to celebrate the centenary. General Assembly members use a variety of ways, TUC, GongJianCao etc., singing "Me and My Motherland", "We are the successors of communism," "My Chinese Heart", "into a new era" and other songs. Show a new era of party members and cadres love the party, love the motherland, Thanksgiving Endeavor, for good mental outlook. Carry out the "heritage of the revolutionary spirit of forging loyalty Iron" Subject Day party, watching a red film "Chosin", recalling the glory days of the Korean War, and enhance the Party members and cadres revolutionary ideals than days, awareness of the revolutionary spirit from generation to generation, and build a strong party ideals and beliefs of the group of cadres, Houzhi patriotism, courage and hard work to do, can Daying Zhang Tiejun loyalty.

  Third, strengthen the sense of purpose based on the practice of science, culture "for the people of the heart." One is "beginner’s mind" observe people. Focus grassroots empowerment expansion issues are most concerned about attention, actively promote the approval service sink. Focus rights and responsibilities, the town (street) 153 and can manage the urgent need for effective power to undertake administrative matters, authority 116 issues of territorial responsibility, public service matters 54 gives the town (street). Focus burden efficiency, to establish a "town (street) duties access system" to eliminate district-level departments free to assume the responsibilities transferred to the town (street). Focus grassroots governance, the development of "town (street) comprehensive list of matters of administrative law enforcement", gives the town (street) administrative matters enforcement powers 32, crack "responsibility at the grassroots level, in the power sector," and implement grassroots "both visible and tube of the "get through grassroots governance" last kilometer. " The second is "love" warm people. With "I do practical things for the masses’ practice as the purpose, time of day using the theme of the party, to carry out the nursing home towns" I do practical things for the masses intentions of helping warmth "care and support for activities of daily living to donate items for the elderly nursing home, and for the mobility of the elderly shampoo, laundry, cleaning the room. Party members use "double check in" sink village (community) good "mark epidemic", recorded epidemic prevention trumpet, widely publicized epidemic prevention knowledge, in the village (community) offices, more staff activities posted notice.

And carry out home thoroughly, using the full coverage of visits to help the village (community) to establish two committees vaccination ledger, thoroughly find out the base, and effectively build a strong grassroots epidemic defense.

The third is "true" win hearts and minds. Good enthusiastic reception, putting the "door into the good, good-looking face, nice words," a principle of service, the masses do greeted with tea first, with a good "hello", "sit down", a new era full of excellent cadres style, so that the people feel warm heart work. Patience to do the answer, when accepting business, to meet the processing conditions, so that quick trial run fast, do not meet the conditions apply, patiently and carefully explain, let the people work happy and satisfied with the return, to feel comfortable. Really good service, the end of the business process, the follow-up Tips need to pay attention, so that the people feel intimate act.