Cangzhou City "Construction Engineering Construction License" can be handled

  Recently, the Cangzhou Municipal Practice Reform Office issued the "Notice on the implementation of the construction of the construction license to implement (trial), according to the notice, the eligible construction project of Cangzhou City will issue the" Construction Engineering Construction License ", Construction units can apply for construction licenses according to the needs of themselves, and the project is started by further simplifying the approval process. In the past, the construction unit needs to obtain the construction license of the entire project.

After this new initiative trial, the construction project can apply for the "Construction Engineering Construction License" of the entire project as needed, or it can be applied in phases.

Among them, "one stage" is directly applied for the overall construction license; "two stages" is applied for construction license according to the "foundation pit support engineering and foundation and basement project" "ground project". " Three stages "," the three stages of "foundation and foundation and basement engineering" "foundation and foundation and basement project", the construction license is applied separately. That is, the construction unit can choose the method of applying a license according to its own actual situation, the fastest way is to handle three phases. After obtaining the basic stage construction license, it can start construction of the foundation pit, pile foundation project, follow-up and other approval procedures, thus maximizing the effects of design, review and other links on the operation time.

This initiative has greatly shortened the construction cycle of the construction enterprise, directly reducing the cost of project construction, and is another practice of continually optimizing the business environment and deepening the approval system of the project construction project. (Zhang Estilion reporter Liu Jingxia).