Can calculate calcium? Experts solve the release

Experts explain that there is no inevitable connection between growing and calcium supplementation, supplementing calcium tablets can help youth’s growth period is a mistake.

Really determined that the height of the height is 70% of the genetic, and the other three have been rely on the factors of the external environment, and there is no direct contact with calcium.

Parents have a good ideology for children to supplement calcium elements for their children. This is a healthy consciousness, but what should be done is to let children sun into the sun. Vitamin D in the human body is generated by sunlight, if the lack of vitamin D, the absorption of this element of this element will become less good, then add more calcium is not good.

The true purpose of calcium is to provide raw materials to the bones long, so that the bones are more strong, but will not promote the rapid longness of the human body, but it is only possible to make the bones more strong. In addition, the human body is not conducive to bone calcification when the state of calcium deficiency, so it is important to ensure that the supplement of calcium in human body is very important. There is such a misunderstanding in the society, and some children grow slowly, short, parents will think that children are lacking trace elements, starting to buy various nutrients to children, more expensive.

In fact, this article is scientifically constructed by Professor Pan Hui, director of the Department of Endocrinology, Beijing Association.