“Who didn’t sleep well?”Qin Fenggang walked in,I heard the conversation between Wang Mengmeng and Jiang Yan。

“Yo,The master is back?Who else,It’s not your Xiaoyan!”Wang Mengmeng saw Qin Feng come back,Happy,But it’s not forgiving。
“Did my Xiaoyan not sleep??Is it what i think?”After Qin Feng finished talking and moved to Jiang Yan。
“No,I was a little uncomfortable last night,That’s why I didn’t sleep well。”Jiang Yan said with some loss。
“what happened,Have a fever,How is it now?”Speaking, Qin Feng reached out and touched Jiang Yan’s forehead。
“No,never mind。”Jiang Yan blocked Qin Feng’s hand,Put your head to one side,She looks like a tantrum。
Looking at Jiang Yan,Qin Feng suddenly realized,It turned out that our chief executive,I’m having a temper with myself!
Qin Feng retracted his hand,Said with a smile:“That’s it,I must explain why I don’t come home at night。”
Qin Feng put his hands on his legs,Solemnly continue:“Actually I haven’t told you something,That’s because I think I must be talking to you。”Qin Feng said,While watching Jiang Yan。
“I want to set up a pharmaceutical company,It’s also a career,It can also help many people。”No one speaks,Qin Feng continued。
“medical company?So you have implemented it now?”I heard Qin Feng say,Jiang Yan seems to be sure that this matter is settled。
“Already started。”Qin Feng also heard Jiang Yan’s unhappy tone,Paused and continued:“Do you remember the pill I gave you earlier?,In fact, it also has a hardcover version……”
“what?There is also a hardcover version?In other words, what you gave us is not the best?Where is the hardcover version?”Wang Mengmeng heard,Qin Feng didn’t give the best to everyone,Anger suddenly came,Asked several questions in a row。