He Bu himself is a god of people,Wei Xiaoxing is still young,And play too hard,It is not necessary to see these deep-seated problems clearly,Only Lu Menglin thought of this,It’s hard not to feel heavy。

“Doesn’t seem right!Actually I’m not too old, okay?At least for this life,Why should I consider these issues?”
“And the broken system,Actually gave a broken task to obtain the management authority of Red Willow City!Is this a joke??”Lu Menglin could only shake his head and sigh。
There are millions of people in Hongliucheng,Hundreds of powerful families,Nothing else,Just the city government,Pull someone out from inside,Can beat him Lu Menglin hold his head。
Whether it is from strength,Still from the influence,Lu Menglin is completely impossible to seize power,Even adding He Bu and Wei Xiaoxing,Plus the Nan clan,There is no possibility。
but,For Lu Menglin,He sees this task as a challenge,A very interesting challenge。
Since I can’t compete,Then only outsmart。
To obtain the management right of a city,If we look at the way of thinking of the gods,,Must be the strongest person in this city,But in Lu Menglin’s view,But not at all。
Strong is necessary,But to manage a city,Personal force may not be the most important。otherwise,The politicians in the earth world,Those big chaebols,No need to mix。
And this is also Lu Menglin’s suggestion that He Bu invite representatives of major families in the city,Set the purpose of this banquet。
Kill Qin Chusheng,Public support is an opportunity,And exposed the so-called《Hero Summon》,To lure it,Is another opportunity。
Take care of《Hero Summon》He Bu,At the same time it started to make a name in Red Willow City,It means that Lu Menglin’s plan,Started to get on the right track。
When something is redefined,The great value that can be exchanged,Will be unimaginable for everyone。
Chapter Eighty Seventy Seven Naked Hero