Low to high,The move state of the horrible universe can be from the initial‘Intricate(Man and sword、Man and knife in one)’And then to the level that can arouse the power of heaven and earth‘Harmony of Man and Nature’。

Up,One’s own realm of the unity of nature and man plus the perception of specific moves,Moves into the way,Then realize the true meaning of the real Tao、Dao Realm,Finally master a complete path。
of course,There are thousands of points,Eighty One Avenue and Ten Ways of Heaven(Strictly speaking, there are nine ways of heaven,Chaos Tiandao is not only‘Way of Heaven’),The gap between。
Normally,Monk in the Purple Mansion,The true meaning of Vientiane,The realm of Yuanshen Taoism,Returning to the virtual earth generally requires a thorough understanding。
Tianxian,In theory, a thorough understanding can also make a breakthrough,But this kind of weak perception is almost impossible to survive the catastrophe,Unless you have great merit。
The so-called state of enlightenment,Refers to the use of specific swordsmanship or other moves,The true-meaning level of moves to debut in the realm of harmony between man and nature。
Simply put,Harmony between man and nature is a regular attack,Entering Taoism means mastering a big trick,But can’t be used easily。
The true meaning of Tao—It means that the previous big move can be used at will,Turned into a normal attack on itself。
natural,Li Ming is all right‘Tao’’S feelings have been banned and sealed,Have to start all over again。
But starting from scratch,Eyesight still,The speed of practice is naturally different from that of ordinary practitioners。
Time passes bit by bit。
Since Li Ming was seven years old, he started practicing《Baizhang》,Five years passed by in a flash。
Li Ming today,Has become a teenager。
Red lips and white teeth,Tall black boy。
In the martial arts field。