“Three forces in one,Break me!”

Hand hold,Great formations appeared out of thin air in front of him。
Take everything in the world as a gun。
Taking Liangyi Yin and Yang as Hongying。
Take the Chaos Array as the edge。
Take a mind as its essence。
Instantly shattered the tentacles twisted like a net of heaven and earth,The power that seems to collapse everything,
“boom~”The whole flesh and blood war weapon trembled,A hundred-foot-long crack is exposed,Through this crack, Li Ming can even stare at that dark shadow。
“I didn’t expect this universe,I can actually see such a terrible Daojun!”Dong suspects the emperor’s memory, phantom, tut, and wonder:“The deity was in the Sith universe,I have also seen a Taoist who realized the ultimate way,The ultimate Dao Dao Jun reaches the edge of He Dao, but it is truly terrifying,If it’s mental flow,Comprehend Taoism,The strength is often no less than the master。”
“Although this prince is far inferior to the ultimate prince on the edge of Hedao。But it’s also terrible!Able to realize the three forces in one,And at least reach the third level—Is also a great help to him。”
“maybe,This is another‘Dao Heart Perfectly Dominates’!”The eyes of the emperor’s memory floating shadow became sharper。
to him,Play with some pinnacle monarchs—That’s just for fun。There is no possibility for these Taoists to break through to dominate。
Not dominate,Not the Lord of the Holy City,Not even cannon fodder in the Sith conquering the universe。
But according to his estimation,The Taoist in front of you,At least 10% sure that you can succeed in becoming a master,And is the master of the three powers of Taoism。
The master,The strength is close to the Sith who came to this universe,Lords who cannot mobilize a trace of power。
Although he hated the ultimate way of forcing them to fight,But the basic position is there。
If it was teasing before,Torture,It’s just a pleasure for him。
At that moment,He gave birth to the heart of killing!