“Don’t say these first,Wait until I will go to do it first.!”

“Let!All open!Let the boss go in!”
Under the maintenance of several leader cars,Hundreds of people form a jewelry,Rui Rui put into the Rongxiang train,Yang Hu took a group of people sitting in the yard.,Seeing Rui Rui,Nod:“Ritual!You are really big,Actually, I am alone.!”
Rui Rui said:“Yang Gang!I am rude, although the grade is not big.,But Longtan Tiger points have also passed a few!You are in my eyes.!”
“I heard that you gave a vice president of the Huang Daohui yesterday.?”Although I didn’t see it.,But this thing is already transmitted in Shanghai is boiling,I don’t know that the sharpness of Rong Society is a role that shoots.,So Yang Hu knows that you can’t worry again.。
“Oh!This kid wants to grab me.!I will naturally be polite.!This less is such an advantage!That is not to provoke me.!I will never let him pass me.!Just like the von Ancy!At least in this life, he can’t stand up.!”
Ruyu is obviously threat,Yang Hu is pretending to understand and continue to ask:“They didn’t come to you to revenge.?”
“Grass!Do they dare??Come on, I will not let it be, it is so simple.!”Rui Rui said with a chair of the chair.,He sits down。
“Ritual!I can remind you,The Huangda will not put your green to his eyes.!Because according to what I know, there are Japanese people.!”Yang Hu said,
“Ha ha!I am not placed in the eyes of Japanese Black Dragon.,What is the foot of a zodiac in the district?!”
“It seems that the sharp blind is really not putting the Huang Dao in the eyes.,Otherwise, you will not come one.!”Yang Hu doesn’t know what this is rumored,Anyway, I don’t dare to provoke it now.。
“Thank you, Yang Gang!Can this car can give me now??”
“certainly!”Yang Hu put all the licenses of Rongxiang car,Operation procedures, etc.,Say:“From now on, this car is yours.!If you have a chance, I still want to gamble with you.!”
“Yang Gang!As long as you have a bet that is interested in!I am free to accompany you.!”Qisui said that although I will only intermediate gambling,Compatible with the micro-expression to identify my special gambling level.,Now Xiaoye is the most afraid of gambling!
Yang Hu leaving him,Mr. Account of the Car,Maintenance worker,What all the warehouse management, I have stood together to wait together to wait for the decision of the new boss。
Rui Rui said to them:“The Shenghui car in the concession is also mine.!I have already announced their monthly money to reduce two%.!Since Rongxiang car deeds,That’s the same!The month is also reduced by two!Today, you will pull it first.!These two days I sent people and you re-sign the agreement.!So everyone can rest assured!”
“Qi boss!What did you just say is that this month is still like this.?”Have a car excitement,
“Have this way later.!”
“Really!We are not dreaming.!”Month money not only did not rise!The drivers can’t believe this is true.。
“Whether you don’t have a dream, you have now hurry to pull it.!If you don’t believe,Today, your money is all of you.!The agreement starts from tomorrow!Take the car, you have to spend money yourself.!Hurry and go!”
I heard this,The driver pulled the car in less than a minute.,How much money is it today is your own,I don’t hurry to play.!
I thought about calling Jiang Tong and Jiang Xing two people to come over.,I can’t stare here.,Let them learn to manage the management,As for Li Xiaoyu, let their brothers take the time to take a look at it.,Now that Rui is still temporarily can’t take care of her.,There are Jingyun and Cao Meng watching it.。
Chapter 99 worse!
同 书 书院
“Mountain principal!Trouble you!”The long phase is looking at a very beautiful in the well, Junxiu to Shanyan Yurui deeply,
“After you read it so fast.?”
“no!Mr. Japan, Mr. Yan, did a lot of work.,It has developed hundred Chinese people to do things for the Japanese Empire.!And in these materials, he records a variety of binders.,Use the Chinese method!It really benefited from a lot!Lose this way,
Mountain Yurui lamented:“Mr. I and Mr. I are hovering friends.!Well Jun Xiu!Please, you must find a killer to revenge.!”
“Mountain principal!I am judged to you in the well.!I will do my best to trace the killer.!”
“please!”Mountain Yurui also gave the well to the well,
“Mountain principal!Why do you put these information in the college??”
“Our big Japanese Emperor will quickly attack,But according to our intelligence,Tens of thousands of Huajun are also gathering in Shanghai!Mr. Well, worried that the Huadian will first attack our concession,Because this time, I have always stared at the source of the source of the department.,He is worried that these important information is not too late to transfer in advance.!”
“Mr. in the well, really considers thoughtful,Otherwise, the information will be taken away.!Fortunately!”
“These are all valuable wealth to you on the well.!You must use it well!This is the hard work of his time.!”
“I will!Mountain principal!How is your long spring Jun?”