Although it is just a small step,But this small step, many people may be a lifetime.。

I want to know that Li Hui is governed by him.,So Li Hui Feng’s performance in Lotus Village,It must be a big part of the credit is his。
Just as Song Shimin is the same as Shen Tianzi。
Shen Tianzi is busy and busy in the town,Although it is also a good result, it is a sense of Songshima.,After all, many things Songshimin will not node,So Shen Tianzi can’t do it.。
All this is the role of Songshimin’s support behind。
Let him have to do things like Song Shimin,Handkerchief,As long as Li speaks from the wind, it does not propose too much requirements.,Then he will agree。
Shen Tian Si does not know so much by Deng Jiazhang,However, he did not know the other party.。
After all, you can do this.,No one is simple。
“Hey-hey,If Deng Lao Ge will go to Lianhua Village to recruit the horse to build this Tourism Bureau,You are willing?”
The first thousand seventy-two chapters
What is the meaning of Shen Lao??”
Deng Jiaoguo gave a glimpse of this。
“Hey-hey,Simple meaning,The Tourism Bureau is still yours,But a lot of things, you are done.,It’s that simple。”
One heard this,Deng Jiaguo frowned:“I am afraid it.?
Although you don’t necessarily all, you are not necessarily for our travel bureau.,But you are also very reasonable.,I just went.,Just understand, you have to do a lot of homework.,Never talk about governance。”
“Now the Lianhua Village is in the stage of thriving,I have to break this base, I am a sinner.。”
“Hey-hey,Deng Laoge wants some complicated,In fact, everything is Li Hui Rong.,You have gone just control,Then the big problem you are the master,Small problem directly standing in Li Hui Feng,Can’t issue problems at all,Even a lot of big questions, just ask Li Ping,He basically benefits the benefits,Grade will tell you。”
“Of course, this also has gambling components.,At least when I follow the style,As long as the station is in Li Hui, it is basically a bet.,Once did not lose。”
Deng Jiaoguo looked at Shen Tianzi’s face seriously,Look at the wine in the wine glass。
I also know in my heart.,Shen Tianzi, this is actually also what it means to gamble.。
Gambled, his political achievement,After all, it belongs to personality in the scene.。
But if you bet,That life should be in this position.。
But in turn,Even if he is in the county,It should also be improved.。
“Shen Persie,I did this.,But you have already made Li Hui’s wind.,At this time, I can’t take the initiative to come out.?”
“Hey-hey,Deng Laoge rest assured,You will follow your country tomorrow.,The rest will give me,How about it?”
Seeing Shen Tian Si with a look of Chengzhu,Deng Jiaoguo immediately gave Shen Tianzi。
After drinking wine,Shen Tian Si took the car back to the town。
Although he feels some drunk along all the way,But the mind is awake.。
He doesn’t know that he is doing this.,He is also gambling,Gambling Deng Jia Congress stood on a battleline。
In the future, he wants to improve,People who don’t have supported around are impossible,Many people are in that location,In fact, it is an overhead location。
An overhead location wants to dry something, but you know that feeling。
Like Shen Tian Si,After Deng Jiao returned,Also for a long time。
He doesn’t know if he should believe in Shen Tianzi.。