Beijing Winter Paralympic Zhangjiakou Winter Remnant Village officially closed the village yesterday

Original title: Zhangjiakou Dongshi Olympic Village officially closed the village of Zhangjiakou Winter Polyo Village yesterday. Yesterday, the main buildings in the village in the village were officially preserved at 12 noon on March 16th.

All main buildings in the village are retained and will continue to be used. Zhangjiakou Winter Remnant Village is located in the core area of ??the Zhangjiakou Division. It is a 10 -minute drive from the ancient Yangshu venue group. It is a 12 -minute drive from the Genting Ski Park. As one of the three Winter Paralympic Villages of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, the facilities in the Zhangjiakou Winter Paralympic Village are designed and constructed in accordance with the "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympics Guide" standard, and in the Winter Paralympic Games At the time of completing the work of barrier -free facilities and equipment inspection, the landscape replacement of the Winter Paralympic Games, and the increase of the necessary lapse guidance logo, the necessary adjustments to the functional space, flow lines, and service facilities in the village have enabled the appliances, prosthesis and wheelchairs The maintenance center, running the village ferry vehicle, timely rectification, transformation and improvement of the lack of barrier -free facilities and breakpoint problems, which was fully prepared for serving the athletes and officials with team officials around the world. Since Zhangjiakou Dongyu Village pre -opened the village on February 23 and officially opened on February 25, more than 700 athletes and team officials from 29 countries and regions lived in and lived. Obstacle facilities and enthusiastic and thoughtful and meticulous services have been highly evaluated by the delegations.

After the closing of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games on March 13, from the 14th, the delegations returned one after another, and all of them left Zhangjiakou Winter Paralympoic Village before closed village. (Reporter Yang Mingjing Correspondent Wang Hongsen) (Responsible editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Longchao) Share let more people see recommendation reading.